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POPULATION: 2.5 MILLION   RELIGION: Bren-Brihaer   ETHNIC GROUPS: Taoxh-Raoŋauɾ   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Leriwend - 1.8M / VAIRUVAND - 350K / KAHREOL - 250K / Wendec - 100K   CURRENCY: Shrien (0.6, T)   CAPITAL: Kholaunka (Dalexcai)
  Liij represents a fascinating intersection between three very different realms: the godless authoritarianism of the Uvan Empire, the god-full authoritarianism of Kahrilo and the Priestesses of the Kah, and the reasonably more democratic nations of Loy and Oralt. As a consequence, there is a push-pull effect on local politics, as evidenced in the bisection of the country into The People’s Domain of Clairvistra, which the Taoxh populate, and The Royal Realm of Dalexcai, where live the Raoŋauɾ.   The division is on some level cosmetic: the Taoxh and Raoŋauɾ both speak Leriwend and share 99% of their traditions and customs, considered separate groups for strictly bureaucratic reasons. But in fact, even the two bureaucracies are arrestingly alike: The “People’s” Domain is in truth run by a group of kleptocratic thugs called the Raesh, who grant as little freedom to their citizenry as do the Dalexcai Royal Family of Naolgāsāin. They are also bound by their worship of Bren-Brihaer, an oceanic deity, and are the only country outside of the Ring of Rhodil to do so.   Be this as it may, citizens on each side remain content with the illusion that they occupy partitioned magisteria, with values in stark opposition to each other.   These days, Liij’s coffers are filled primarily by the Uvan Empire as its position makes it the natural conduit for exports from there to Upper Tyril. Without its economy being bolstered in this way, the country would struggle indeed, as the land is grey, dull, and short on natural resources.

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Cover image: Scene from the Shahnameh by A. Davey


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