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POPULATION: 60 MILLION   TERRITORIES: Ansal, Beribon North, Beribon South, Bim, Kahrilo, Kalio, Liij, Loy, Mai, Oralt, Otoron, Sawnmyr Isle, T'Jau, Tralgon, Uvan Empire   LANGUAGES: VAIRUVAND - 20.27M / KAHREOL - 8.45M / Beribonese - 7.1M / Otor - 5.05M / ONSERO - 3M / Wendec - 2.98M / Leriwend - 2.8M / Nillu - 2M / Soroleph - 1.8M / T'Jal - 1.8M / MASOYAN - 1.5M / Tarels - 1.1M / Mai - 850K / Vithari - 400K / DRAKSI - 300K / Tagsyamut - 300K / Sundardac - 150K / Chwi - 100K / KERIMUTA - 50K /  
  Tyril is the most populous continent by far, representing an enormous chunk of the southern hemisphere. It is most often defined in contrast with the continent of Rela to its north as in each place, political systems, as well as policies and social attitudes regarding magic, are mirror opposites.   Tyrilan governments have a general understanding that their role is to stifle and report magical activity to Relan nobles and The Council of Landezon as part of the latter’s extensive detection grid for arcane “deviants”. In exchange they are well-funded and given valuable intelligence to help rulers maintain control of their realms, crucial vis-à-vis the unrest rampant in many areas.   Policing the North’s cause most vigilantly is the Uvan Empire. On account of the above perks it has expanded at a truly cancerous rate: its borders encompass a full third of Tyril’s contiguous landmass, despite its status as a reasonably young imperium. Its pro-human, pro-technology-driven populist ideology has additionally won over countless hearts and minds, stirring up a “we can do it!” sentiment among the common people…shockingly whilst the state strips their civil rights like nowhere else on earth through autocratic conditions ironically funded by northern democracies.
  The mysterious dictator of the Uvan is however unknown, referred to only as The Weaver of Webs.   The continent’s central economy used to be Kahrilo, on account of The Ruby Road trade route that runs through it and its physical access to Rela’s wealth. While newly competing with the Uvan, much of this grandeur remains, especially observed in the country’s impressive architecture. The country is run by one of the globe’s few true large-scale theocracies, the Priestesses of the Kah.   North and South Beribon when all is said and done are vassal states of the Uvan, though the North maintains a more productive illusion of autonomy through its commercial relations with nearby Masatoyahi. South Beribon is chiefly a source of cheap labour and profoundly poor.   Bim, Otoron, and Tralgon are slightly aligned with Relan interests and values given geography. Ansal, Oralt, and Liij for similar reasons bear some desert influence from their truck with Pendahar. Loy is…odd.   Mai and T'Jau are highly religious maritime nations with a privileged relationship with the Uvan, having safeguarded their sovereignty against their neighbour's encroachment.   Sawnmyr Isle is unique within the continent and indeed, the world, as the largest territory unsettled by humans. Nearby nations consider it a holy isle, a place where disputes are traditionally settled.
  ECONOMIC MAP | Legend: Gold (Primary Economy), Orange (Secondary), Red (Tertiary), Black (Developing), Green (Accepts several currencies), Dark Gold (Exclusive use of one foreign currency).

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