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POPULATION: 2 MILLION   RELIGION: Bren-Brihaer   ETHNIC GROUPS: Beyokin, Giyexi   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Soroleph - 1.8M / Wendec - 180K / VAIRUVAND - 20K   CURRENCY: Yoran (0.6, T)   CAPITAL: Bolesand (Bruntangred)
  Ansal is located at the easternmost tip of the continent of Tyril. Known for its unique geographical position and spiritual importance, Ansal is also renowned for its intriguing interplay of cultural identities, language dynamics, and a distinct demarcation of magical abundance.   Its inhabitants primarily belong to two ethnic groups: the Beyokin, who are Soroleph speakers, constitute the majority, while the Giyexi, speaking Wendec, are the minority. The Giyexi's migration from what was once Oralt (now Liij) to Ansal can be traced back to the encroachment of Naolgāsāin warriors into the Dalexcai region.   Relations between the Beyokin and the Giyexi are a complex amalgam of cooperation and tension. The Beyokin, being the majority, wield more political and economic power. Nevertheless, mutual dependence on trade and shared spiritual customs often necessitates cooperation. The Giyexi, despite their smaller numbers, contribute significantly to Ansal's cultural diversity, thus enriching its social fabric. On the flip side, differences in language and ethnicity occasionally incite tension and disagreement.   Sawnmyr Isle, lying off Ansal's coast, holds a significant place in the country's collective conscience. Traditionally, it is where various cultures converge to resolve their disputes, given its sacred status. Ansal has the sacred duty of safeguarding the island, a responsibility that has become increasingly challenging due to contemporary debates questioning Sawnmyr's relevance.   Ansal comprises two distinct subregions: Matail, which juts out into the ocean, and Bruntangred, a land bridge connecting it to Oralt. The capital, Bolesand, is located in Bruntangred. The Giyexi are concentrated in this area, with noticeable effects on its cultural dynamics.   Ansal's reputation internationally is largely defined by its unique location on a crucial magical meridian, a line separating the Yield of the Blessed, where magic is rich and potent, from the Autumn Yield, characterized by lesser ambient magic. The Council of Landezon, a governing body of magic situated on the continent of Rela, has a more significant presence here in Matail, which even hosts one of the rare magical Stronghold found in Tyril. Bruntangred and the southern regions are traditionally more skeptical of magic, giving rise to political tension between Ansal's two halves.   On the trade front, Ansal maintains robust relationships with the Qildabic regions of Pendahar, including Gos, Ilwe, Sheishal, and Qildab, benefiting from the geographical advantage offered by the Geldak Sea to its south and the Rhodilian Gulf to its north.

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