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POPULATION: 3 MILLION   RELIGION: Bren-Brihaer   ETHNIC GROUPS: Gwani, Sacti   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: ONSERO - 2M / Otor - 1M   CURRENCY: Lierepur (0.8, S)   CAPITAL: Sarchut (Evoldi)
  Tralgon, perched between a cornucopia of seas and gulf, enjoys a wealth of maritime benefits, as its prime location allows it to foster bustling trade relationships with Delhiza, Rela, Sakxa, Rajan, Ansal, Oralt, Loy, and Otoron. This has greatly influenced its economy, which heavily leans towards water-based trade.   Tralgon's robust economy is characterized by the export of rare seashells, coral formations, pearls, and various unique marine products. As for imports, Tralgon relies heavily on the import of spices, textiles, and metal goods, especially those fashioned in Sakxa and Rajan. In an interesting twist, the Tralgonians have also found a unique way to harvest and process Hulab, a certain type of seaweed rich in minerals, which they export as a nutritional supplement affordable strictly for the well-to-do, resulting in a major boost to their economy.   The maritime religion of Bren-Brihaer, while generally practiced faithfully, has taken a slight deviation in Tralgon. Influenced by Sakxani cultural norms, it is customary in Tralgon for Bren-Brihaer followers to throw a stone with a written wish or prayer into the sea. This is believed to carry their prayers directly to the Blue Giver, who, in their faith, resides at the sea's deepest depths.   Despite its rich culture and strong economy, Tralgon's society has a fascinating blend of Gwani and Sacti cultures, adding a unique dynamic to its societal fabric. Gwani, speaking Onsero, dominate the political landscape, while the Sacti, who speak Otor, form a significant cultural influence, especially in the coastal areas where they are concentrated.   The capital city of Sarcht, located in the Evoldi subregion, is a hub for governmental and economic activities. While the other two coastal subregions, Oseles and Achenrist, are known for their breathtaking seaside vistas and robust maritime activities, the presence of Bren-Brihaer shrines also gives them spiritual significance. Despite being inland, Sarcht is connected to these coastal regions through well-established trade routes, allowing a steady flow of goods and cultural exchange.

Crest of House Kpyaeleo


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