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POPULATION: 800K   CAPITAL: Beseve    CITIES: Ambiligh   TOWNS: Ounder, , Wheali, Evaddurigh, Avizanhy, Settom, Fastylors   VILLAGES: Deleagmarch, Arlisticanne, Dicia, Boord, Sylves, Swerer, Neak  
  Achenrist, a coastal subregion of Tralgon, is ruled by the House Nggeup. The capital, Beseve, is a lively and bustling city that never seems to rest, always in a state of preparation for one celebration or another. It is a city often perplexing to foreigners due to its seemingly incessant jubilation. Each district in the city has its own peculiar tradition and even the local markets have a festive aura about them.   Beseve's marketplace, known as the Luminous Bazaar, is bathed in the azure glow of bioluminescent creatures kept in glass jars, which the locals believe bring good luck. This blue illumination gives the marketplace a surreal touch, mesmerizing visitors, and making it one of the city's must-visit spots.   Lady Tak, the leader of House Nggeup, despite her stern and humorless reputation, presides over these festivities, contributing to the paradoxical nature of life in Beseve. One might wonder how such a mirthless leader rules over a city with such effervescent joy. Yet, this is the city's strange way, a place where contrasts coexist harmoniously.   The settlements of Ambiligh and Avizanhy each have their own natural wonders. Ambiligh is famous for its Coral Theatre, a breathtaking structure of coral formation by the sea, and Avizanhy for its Cerulean Caves, an underwater spectacle that enchants everyone who visits.   Achenrist is also renowned for its two grandiose celebrations: the Sea's Bounty Festival and the Titan's Grasp Ceremony. The Sea's Bounty Festival is a riot of colour and music, where the locals express their gratitude to the ocean deity for the plentiful resources of the sea. Its highlight is the grand procession of artistically adorned boats, each one vying to outdo the other in extravagance and creative design.   The Titan's Grasp Ceremony, however, is an entirely different spectacle. It is a test of faith and courage as the devotees dive into the tumultuous seas during the fiercest storm of the year. It's seen as a spiritual journey, a way to physically engage with the might of the sea deity. The ritual is dangerous and fraught with risk, but to the people of Achenrist, the spiritual rewards far outweigh the perils. Spectators from other faiths often watch in awe and trepidation as these fearless devotees take the plunge into the raging waters.

Crest of House Nggeup



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