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POPULATION: 4 MILLION   RELIGION: Bren-Brihaer   ETHNIC GROUPS: Sacti, Msino (ONSERO)   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Otor - 3M / ONSERO - 1M   CURRENCY: Hon (0.7, T)   CAPITAL: Seribest (Chursona)
  Otoron is one of five countries in the Ring of Rhodil. It is surrounded by three bodies of water - the Rhodilian Gulf, the Pelisemeran Sea, and Lake Jdail - the result being a thriving maritime culture.   Seafood, without surprise, is a specialty of the nation and several unique dishes from here are considered delicacies elsewhere.   Like others in the Ring, the native Sacti people worship the oceanic deity Bren-Brihaer (“the Blue Giver”), though the faith originates here and has its central base, the Hioimithe (“Shining Pure”) Shrine, in the country’s capital at Seribest, Chursona province.   An Onsero-speaking minority from Tralgon, the Msino, occupies the province of Mourry. The two nations have excellent relations and so they are treated in every way as citizens of the realm.   Otoron carries on a good trade with Sau-Hezib, which by default puts them at odds with the Delfó people, who hold an ancestral grudge with Sau-Hezibans. Because the Delfó rarely ever leave their home, tensions are about as sparse as they could be. Otoron is also know to deal with the island of Sakxa.

Crest of House Rutteugrim


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