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POPULATION: 1.5M   CAPITAL: Hesive   CITIES: Honessetonse, Ocat   TOWNS: Brinfe, Matal, Osaness, Runnas, Jacencel, Luncier, Troustan, Robarkhomet   VILLAGES: Glownessed, Haltur, Instfurl, Tudebroke, Sunsident, Composwa, Praimed, Affeesligh  
  The western province of Geor, with its capital Hesive, has its own tale of serendipity and romance. Years ago, an unsuspecting diplomat, Kolan of House Ilveise, was tasked with delivering a missive to the hard-nosed negotiators of Gnosit. However, in a delightful mix-up, Kolan accidentally sent a love letter, intended for his sweetheart in Hesive, instead of the political dossier. The Gnosit dignitaries were so charmed by the heartfelt prose that they responded with kindness and surprising concessions, marking a turning point in Otoron-Gnosit relations. Since then, the term 'The Kolan Maneuver' has come to mean turning a blunder into an advantage in the realm of diplomacy.   Geor boasts two prominent cities: Honessetonse and Ocat. The former is known for its grand Menorhean Library, named after the celebrated poet Iyus Menorhean, a native son known for his stirring odes to the sea. Its vast collection of literature, including the complete works of Menorhean himself, draws scholars from all over Tyril.   Ocat, on the other hand, is celebrated for the Great Obelisk of Geor, a towering ancient structure etched with cryptic inscriptions that scholars believe could hold the key to understanding the early history of the Sacti people. A point of interest in itself, the obelisk also symbolizes Ocat's rich history and cultural significance.   Geor is also the birthplace of two notable individuals: the renowned scientist Yille Keon, who made groundbreaking advances in the study of marine biology and the witty playwright Sorah Hemne, who gave the world the much-loved theatrical masterpiece, The Maiden of the Maelstrom.

Crest of House Poex



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