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POPULATION: 1.5M   CAPITAL: (Onsero: Stlecusham)   CITIES: Flous   TOWNS: Yaching, Avoinorientha, (Onsero: Caterarth, Nastinash, Drooves, Muirte, Velewd, Galbries)   VILLAGES: Murrowles, Clophexased, Permfunce, Thtuplical, Skillusay, Renteels, Limaxi, Porculia  
  The central province of Mourry, with its capital Stlecusham, showcases a beautiful blend of Sacti and Msino cultural traditions. It also prides itself on its naval traditions and maritime prowess. The city of Flous, situated along the coast, is home to the renowned Seafarer's Academy, where many of Otoron's legendary naval heroes were trained. The Mourry Coastline is a sight to behold with its spectacular sea caves, famously known as the Echoing Chambers, where the rhythm of the ocean reverberates with an almost mystical quality.   Stlecusham, despite its cultural richness, has been grappling with political issues. The rise in power of the Onsero-speaking population has led to demands for greater political autonomy, further fueled by incidents of perceived bias against Onsero-speakers in government offices. This has sparked heated debates about cultural identity and political representation, making the city a hotbed for activism and reform movements.   The town of Avoinorientha, albeit small, holds a unique fascination for scholars and curiosity-seekers. Two grand shrines of the Bren-Brihaer / The Blue Giver faith, The Azure Star and the Twisted Tree, attract worshippers and pilgrims in droves. The Azure Star Shrine, perched atop a cliff, offers breath-taking views of the sea under a clear night sky, where worshippers believe they can communicate with their ancestors. The Twisted Tree Shrine, on the other hand, holds an ancient, gnarled tree said to grant wisdom to anyone who touches it.   Contradicting this religious tranquility, the infamous Rumrunner's Alley, a narrow, winding street famed for its illicit activities, draws a curious crowd. With its network of underground speakeasies, it is a hub of intrigue and daring escapades.   This fascinating dichotomy in Avoinorientha was brought to light by the renowned scholar Iril Keen-Eye in his book Between Shrines and Shadows: The Contrasting Faces of Avoinorientha, sparking interest in the small town across the nation and beyond. His vivid narrative and insightful commentary have made Avoinorientha a point of interest for scholars and tourists alike.

Crest of House Quesmoendoens



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