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POPULATION: 1M   CAPITAL: Seribest   CITIES: (Onsero: Usnels)   TOWNS: Ronyined, Takets, Middencred, Mentagest, Rebeauda, Adjuli Verge, (Onsero: Ballowle)   VILLAGES: Hamoorn, Abilora, Ustset, Coer, Beholsa, Louili, Kingold  
  Situated on the easternmost edge of Otoron, Chursona houses a rich tapestry of cultural diversity. In the heart of this bustling peninsula lies the capital, Seribest, a meeting point for Otor and Onsero speakers, the latter chiefly belonging to the Msino culture. The Msino have strong connections with the Gwani majority in neighboring Tralgon, creating a beautiful melding of cultures that gives Chursona its distinctive character. The province is helmed by the charismatic yet troubled Cens Gregroengeunc of the tongue-twisting House of the same name. Despite his reputation as a hard-drinking bruiser, his leadership, paradoxically, has not undermined the province's prosperity.   One of Chursona's significant cities is Usnels, where Onsero is primarily spoken. Usnels' closeness to the Tralgonian border makes it a bridge of cultural and linguistic exchange, further enriching Otoron's diverse fabric.   As for the small coastal village of Hamoorn, it is known for the Thousand-Bell Tower, an enigmatic structure rumored to house exactly one thousand bells of varying sizes. As per local belief, when all the bells ring together, it heralds an era of unparalleled good fortune for the village.   The town of Mentagest, meanwhile, has a scandalous tale etched into its history. It involves a fisherman, renowned for his exceptional catches, who was once rumored to be in a clandestine affair with the previous ruler’s wife. It was said that their secret rendezvous were concealed under the guise of her 'learning how to fish'. This saga is still a favorite among local taverns, told with a twinkle in the eye and a frothy pint in hand. Over time, the fisherman's alleged exploits have become as legendary as his fishing skills.

Crest of House Gregroengeunc



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