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POPULATION: 4.5 MILLION   RELIGION: Ntúazí of Sau-Hezib   ETHNIC GROUPS: Sau, Hezib   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Si-Sau - 3.5M / HEZDEL - 600K / DRAKSI - 300K / IAZOG - 100K   CURRENCY: Chmaing (0.8, S)
  Sau-Hezib’s characteristic friendliness is well conveyed through the surname of the current ruling family, the Zùʻazegato: “Death to the Enemy” in the Si-Sau tongue. Any portrait of Sau-Heziban diplomacy would need to include teeth polished to razor-sharp points - a perfect metaphor given that this is an actual practice among the land’s noble families, following their patron totem, ˈMíyé, the Black Crocodile.   The brunt of the culture’s belligerence is directed squarely at Del, the westward nation with which it’s held a grudge since time eternal. The feeling is absolutely mutual on both sides, and because neither can stomach the idea of getting close enough to do damage there are few military altercations these days. Historically, however, Del once fell under Sau-Heziban rule following the fearsome conquests of Baxtu Swordtooth circa UT 1005 - a divine figure for both the Sau and Hezib tribes. As the Delhizan memory is long and slow to heal, even centuries out, the people of Del have still not forgotten or forgiven his crimes, as evidenced by the fact that laws which banned Sau-Hezibans from travelling through their lands remain in place. The Delfó view Sau-Hezibans as cruel and perverse (quite true), while Sau-Hezibans view Delfó as soft and spoiled children, far too aligned with the continent of Rela for their liking. Tensions between the two countries are hugely consequential for Delhiza's development, as they reinforce further an already profound cultural isolation rooted in shared religious beliefs.   The two tribes that lend the nation its name, the Sau and the Hezib, are logically enough the most powerful in the area: the former occupies the north, the latter the south. Like elsewhere in Delhiza, these groups are bound by the Umon model of rotational governance but with several provisions which allow them to retain much more control over their territories than permissible elsewhere. They do not get along with each other, and never have, but are bound by a truce set down by Baxtu Swordtooth, which is frankly so byzantine that both groups deem it easier to simply not fight than to have to read and interpret the thing. Otherwise, each tribe is in charge of administering its own lands. They consult with each other rarely, except in the area of international trade, most of which conducted with nations in the Ring of Rhodil. Very recently, the Sau staked claims in Mador to cash in on foreign excitement around a mine with a form of metal, and this event has certainly provoked more discussion on both sides, if of a heated variety.
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