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POPULATION: 2M   CAPITAL: Alizadro   CITIES: Calco, Swernu   TOWNS: Edis, Morob, Ssenint, Asesnad, Gycrideb, Counlu, Ruxitgu, Motas, Igrerefu   VILLAGES: Jav Ba, Cucyun, Porrusi, Masbass, Musbyugh, Pyubbe, Byencaffani, Mreredoos  
  Framed by the bracing expanse of the Volaide Sea to the east, and the ceaseless ebb and flow of the Pelisemeran Sea to the west, Ponoflee is a land of enigmatic charm. As though the twin bodies of water have imparted their own peculiar rhythm upon the land, the heartbeat of Ponoflee pulses with a cadence that is both baffling and bewitching to outsiders.   Caught in the embrace of this rhythm is the capital, Alizadro. Her cobbled streets hum with an underlying energy, a silent mantra to the capricious spirit of the Huju Tribe. Her skyline is punctuated by the imposing Rust Tower, the traditional seat of power for these longstanding rulers of the region. The Tower, draped in myths as dark as the iron it's built from, is both a beacon and a warning to all who cross its shadow. Here, justice is swift and often brutal, a reflection of the Huju's relentless pursuit of control.   Calco, the port city on Ting's Cove that embraces the Pelisemeran Sea, is a maritime marvel. Her innovative ship designs, crafted by master shipwrights, navigate the waters with unparalleled ease. But what truly sets Calco apart is her underwater farms, a labyrinth of seafaring vegetation that coexists with marine life. These water-gardens, as they are known, yield an array of unique aquatic crops, adding a burst of color and flavor to Ponofleean cuisine.   The town of Edis, perched precariously on the cliff overlooking the Volaide Sea, is home to the vertigo-defying Edisian Roamers. This audacious community of aerial acrobats and gliders traverse the air currents, bridging the physical gaps between communities with grace and bravery. Their flights are considered messages from the gods, and are celebrated with much fervor.   The humble village of Jav Ba, tucked away in the verdant valleys, is the birthplace of the Echo Songs, haunting melodies that resonate through the land. The singers, drawing upon the mystical energy of the valley, imbue their songs with an ethereal quality that is said to calm even the wildest of storms.   Noteworthy figures from Ponoflee include the sagacious Hilan of Alizadro, a philosopher whose radical ideas have presented a challenge to the otherwise ironclad dogmas of the Huju. His treatise on free thought and compassion remains an influential text, inspiring generations to question the status quo.   A stark contrast is presented by Vezu the Ruthless, a Huju enforcer whose name sends shivers down the spines of Ponoflee's inhabitants. Known for her inscrutable expression and her unnerving silence, her presence alone is enough to maintain order in the most rebellious corners of the land. She represents the darker side of Ponoflee, the iron fist that upholds the Huju's authority.

Blazon of the Tribe Huju



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