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POPULATION: 1M   CAPITAL: Conpisavi   CITIES: Jincanali   TOWNS: Iodiscor, Dowemien, Caroca, Antrih, Natswargri, Sifo   VILLAGES: Behehbes, Zhaz, Churrip, Estu, Borobop  
  Stretching across the western reaches of Sau-Hezib, Chandures is a prefecture painted with the hues of the sea. It thrives on the breath of the ocean, dancing to the rhythm of the tides. It is strategically situated close to the mainland of the Relan continent and the nations of Tyril, but cultural sentiments have led it to selectively form strong trading relationships.   The capital of Conpisavi is the heart of this marine tapestry. It's a city cradled by the sea, humming with the symphony of dockside chatter, the creak of shipyards, the bustling markets, and the steadfast beacon of lighthouses piercing the coastal mist. Its unique identity is etched into its seashell-dotted architecture, and every building in its limits tells a tale of the sea. Their inherent aversion to Relans has led Conpisavians to weave a strong web of trade ties with the Qollu from Bim and the Sacti from Otoron in Tyril, lending an exotic blend of languages to the city's bustling marketplaces.   Jincanali, another of Chandure's prominent settlements, is known for its famed coral reefs. These vibrant underwater ecosystems draw divers and scholars like bees to nectar, and local artisans craft wondrous pieces of jewelry and decorative items from the shed corals, each piece a unique reflection of the city's soul.   Meanwhile, Iodiscor is a haven for shipbuilders. This is where Djezko the Wavecarver, a hometown hero, revolutionized shipbuilding with designs that improved the speed and sturdiness of the vessels. Today, aspiring shipwrights are drawn to Iodiscor, seeing it as a pilgrimage site of their craft.   The coastal town of Caroca, on the other hand, offers a palate of flavors that define its identity. It was here that Bantul the Flavorweaver, maestro of the kitchen, first transformed local seafood into his now-signature culinary masterpieces, thus turning Caroca into a culinary mecca, attracting gastronomes from across Delhiza. His famed restaurant, The Sea's Bounty, is where you can taste his genius on a plate.

Blazon of the Tribe Dzomùmù



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