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POPULATION: 1.5 MILLION   RELIGION: Congregation of the Ascended   ETHNIC GROUPS: Qollu, Khwuss   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Otor - 800K / Vithari - 400K / DRAKSI - 300K   CURRENCY: Crosah (0.6, T)   CAPITAL: Biva (Colustmagd)
  Bim, often referred to as "the Bridge to Rela," delicately balances its cultural identity between the continental Tyrilan and the Drakoyan cultural sphere. The realm of House Lauxtra, Bim is a vibrant tapestry of cultures, home to the Otor-speaking Qollu majority and the Vithari-speaking Khwuss, who share linguistic roots with their B’ogbaw neighbors in Beurin to the east.   Bim's identity is further nuanced by its three diverse sub-regions: Batimean in the west, Colustmagd in the center, and Glenceg in the east. Batimean, under the influence of Beurin, emits the scent of Relan culture, while Glenceg is resonant with Tyrilan elements due to its proximity to Otoron.   Nestled in the heart of Bim's central province, Colustmagd, is the capital, Biva, a city both rich in history and steeped in legend - most notably for its haunted castle, by law the residence of the town mayor. This unlikely law stems from a chilling tale from the city's past when one of its former mayors, seemingly bewitched, inexplicably leapt to his death from one of the castle's many tall towers. The incident left a lasting impression on the town and spurred rumors of malevolent spirits dwelling within the castle's stone walls. Today, each mayor, despite the eerie lore, is required to occupy the haunted castle, a tradition that adds a layer of mystique to this central city of Bim.

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