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POPULATION: 600K   CAPITAL: Easeet   CITIES: Enedwareed, Shritin Dest   TOWNS: Lewillhos, Sureunive, Corduebeloph, Diontracul, Onlitab, Diregotherter   VILLAGES: Ekeplet, Hindbawly, Laymusk, Lomenwho, Arfistuy, Caudasimnhnes, Sampress  
  Glenceg, the easternmost region of Bim, operates under the guiding hand of House Miultar. Its capital, Easeet, and the cities of Enedwareed and Shritin Dest enjoy a respite from the petty feuding that consumes their western counterparts. Sharing a border with Otoron, Glenceg's relations with the native Sacti people are friendly and mutually beneficial, fostering a rich cultural exchange that strengthens both regions.   Moreover, Glenceg's economic prosperity is boosted due to its ties with the Ring of Rhodil, a lucrative trade alliance, courtesy of their Otoron neighbours. The goods that travel between Glenceg and Otoron are diverse, including vibrant textiles, rare spices, and expertly crafted metalwork, all of which make their way to marketplaces across Bim.   Religiously, Bim falls under the Congregation of the Ascended, a faith centering on astrology and divination. However, Glenceg's proximity to Otoron introduces the significant influence of the maritime faith of Bren-Brihaer / The Blue Giver, revered for its teachings on the respect and harmony with the seas and its inhabitants. This proximity has led to a unique religious blend in Glenceg, which manifests in the local practices and ceremonies. This synergy of faiths and cultures has imbued the region with a distinctive charm and personality.

Crest of House Miultar (Otor)



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