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POPULATION: 15 MILLION   TERRITORIES: Azon, DelMador, Sau-Hezib    LANGUAGES: HEZDEL - 7.4M / Si-Sau - 5.7M / DRAKSI -600K / Hagottragayöl - 600K / Estrenya - 250K / Iakali - 200K / RIKAAD - 100K / IAZOG - 100K / Ramaidora - 50K  
  The impenetrable cloud of mist hanging over much of this swampy continent has earned Delhiza the nickname, “The Fens of Fog”. Residents have mystical views about the Fog, most saying it settled over the land in the wake of the sorceress Nurhasi's death. Whatever the case, visitors from elsewhere are struck by the sometimes beautiful, often dismal conditions it imposes. Things are slightly better in the summer months; beginning in Fall, visibility declines considerably.   Regarding Nurhasi: the eponymous Tradition she founded is one of the big three comprising the Council of Landezon. Its practitioners serve as shamans and healers to their people, with a focus on the Mind and Dreams. The order is headquartered in the nation of Del, Soevet prefecture, near the settlement of Nalisomis. However, a dedicated chapter installed in the capital city of Sonchihilic is the central point of contact for Council envoys and any other foreign dignitaries seeking connection.   The people of Delhiza – specifically the Delfó, on the west coast – are characteristically unfond of outsiders and do not mingle much where they can help it. Traditionally they have a trading arrangement with the nation of Chalornok by sea, and Sonchihilic’s Mayor Dánˈsö́má has recently instigated a trade route to the continent of Rela, The Trail of Clouds, though its popular reception has been mixed. The people of Sau-Hezib tend to trade with nations south of the Pelisemeran Sea in Tyril.   Delfo and Sau-Hezibans famously hate each other.   The nation of Azon is generally aligned with Del in its politics. Mador, being a notoriously mountainous area, is hard to access and while it has a better relationship with Sau-Hezib than with other regions, it is culturally and geographically isolated – although recent international interest in its mines has caused it to become a more major player.   The north of Azon and Mador host populations of the lighter-skinned peoples that migrated from the Rajan & Sakxa area to Arlok centuries ago, which in many cases formed hybridized communities with the local Delhizans that boast cultural features from both groups.
Map of Delhiza, circa UT 97
  ECONOMIC MAP | Legend: Gold (Primary Economy), Orange (Secondary), Red (Tertiary), Black (Developing), Green (Accepts several currencies), Dark Gold (Exclusive use of one foreign currency).

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