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POPULATION: 8 MILLION   TERRITORIES: Arlean Isles, Aupek, Bimmentok, Ceweren, Chalornok, Cillt-Craiduk, Criamon-Sothet, Farakt, Jor, Kaul, Msna, Relig, Ret, Ribok Isles   LANGUAGES: RIKAAD - 5M / TASHMIIJ- 1.35M / Heldokðuir - 675K / Strvingydh - 500K / DRAKSI - 250K / Sawjewah - 165K / HEZDEL - 125K / Joral - 80K / Daþwahrlu - 45K / Emmherel - 20K / Osfray - 10K / GOROG - 5K  
    In a word: Brrrrrrrrr!   Outside of Ceweren and Msna, most nations (or more strictly, tribal confederacies) in Arlok are on the receiving end of very cold inclement weather and heaps and heaps of snow during most of the year. Relatedly, life, especially in the High North (above Chalornok), is frequently survival-driven, and cultures here have adapted to this reality by cultivating resourcefulness and self-reliance in spades. The tougher conditions are in a region, the more determined its people…and the sharper their disdain for those spoiled and cushy so-and-so’s down south. (Arlokians are famous for such grumbles, as for their profound grit.)   As comes as no surprise, this punishing environment of rock and ice produces no shortage of hearty warriors and other stern figures, many of whom find their way into the employ of local nobles, or less often, wealthy factions further afield. Those of northern stock typically stand tall and broad, a natural bonus for those in martial occupations which only adds to an already fearsome image related to the abandon they show in battle.   The Aurimbic Tradition has its roots in Bimmentok: the Lair of the Seers, perhaps the most ancient magical site in the world, overlooks the glacial waters of Lake Ama-Toh, while the monastery of Aurim-Bas from which the order draws its name sits nearby the Fristhof Sea in Cillt-Craiduk. People share a deep and longstanding reverence for the Seers, but because the latter are basically hermits their direct impact on the culture has been reasonably dilute.   Though most of Arlok is populated by light-skinned, light-eyed folk, it has only been so for a matter of centuries, before which indigenous peoples including the Opatu, Sawjeh, Jisadehou, Tuhulaagan, and Kih Ka- collectively known as the Band of Reeds - looked after the land. Unlike other parts of the world in the wake of conquest, native bands here maintained their autonomy and chose to live side by side with the newcomers, authoring treaties for successful co-existence. The nation of Msna is native-governed, as is Aupek to its north, and tribes exist in many other places on the continent.   Though Arlok runs a mild trade with Delhiza by sea, most of the continent’s goods are transported by land to Rela, ultimately passing through the most southern and metropolitan nation, Ceweren, which connects directly to Draksineon, effective centre of the world.
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  ECONOMIC MAP | Legend: Gold (Primary Economy), Orange (Secondary), Red (Tertiary), Black (Developing), Green (Accepts several currencies), Dark Gold (Exclusive use of one foreign currency).

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