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POPULATION: 400K   RELIGION: Läänti Ascendism | (North): Farang Paganism   ETHNIC GROUPS: Kingga   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: RIKAAD - 200K / Heldokðuir - 200K   CURRENCY: Guran (0.7, T)   CAPITAL: Bergragwen   CITIES: Grestal   TOWNS: Faterfew, Naldwide, Traggrap, Applan, Bykam, Kierbrow   VILLAGES: Hestoogep, Noyelpinger, Battlisbure, Clautshonc, Dunksvir, Starme, Roha, Kanesbuir, Allsgrune, Imerwissel
  Farakt is a remote and rocky region whose population, for hygge’s sake, lives largely in its lower half. Those here are in the main of Vylmöt derivation with family connections to Chalornok.   The Clun Mountains meanwhile are home to a hearty people called the Kingga. Their social structure, as with most of the High North, is clan-based, and though Vylmöt nobles hold all of Farakt to fall under their own form of law, few magistrates from the big city care enough to hike all that way just to enforce it, so tribal custom factually holds sway with this group. The ancient, nature-based religion they practice additionally offends the sensibilities of Läänti Ascendists, but they are similarly unmotivated to carry their crusade to the tundra.   Enormous arctic cats called Tväs (literally “monster”, in the Heldokðuir language) stalk the region, and the Kingga consider it sport to hunt them. Wearing Tväs hide is a marker of social status in their culture.

Mark of the Makamäg
(North Farakt)
House of Hirpiin
(South Farakt)

Included Organizations


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