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POPULATION: 2M   RELIGION: Läänti Ascendism   ETHNIC GROUPS: Vylmöt   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: RIKAAD - 1.5M / TASHMIIJ - 300K, mostly West / DRAKSI - 100K / HEZDEL - 100K, mostly East   CURRENCY: Drune (1, P)   CAPITAL: Valhous (Bournapk)
  Chalornok, specifically the hold of Raigur, is best known as the birthplace of Callag Eannelk, northern conqueror responsible for the historic Occupation of Draksineon (707-598) and its extended legacy. Scattered about the country are countless monuments to the man, who, due to his humble clan roots, continues to prove an inspiration to the native Vylmöt people.   The nation’s current rulers are The Iron Lords, so-named for their control over territories rich with this metal. This they export south to Rela via Ceweren, and to Delhiza by sea.   Though most of them protest otherwise, the Lords have many familial connections to Relan nobility, a fact which fails to endear them to the Vylmöt - a group comprised a dazzling array of clans, who accept the Iron Lords’ laws mostly out of convenience, rather than genuine loyalty. Clan heads view themselves as stalwart guardians of an age long past in which the land was free of nobles, and men and women ruled themselves. Most uphold warlike ideals, although practically speaking there are few epic heroes anymore. Most clanspeople work in woods camps, or in the Iron Lords’ mines, but fill their heads with dreams of glorious battles yet ahead.

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