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POPULATION: 400K   CITIES: Lotold, Tumodr   TOWNS: Howeddles, Ultaker, Hingin, Swarce   VILLAGES: Svindarrik, Daggra  
  Fiftin, the easternmost hold of Chalornok, is a sea-faring hub, its shape akin to an arm reaching out to embrace the Sea of Svarungh. Along its length, bustling port cities and busy trade towns attest to its key role in Chalornok's economy.   Chief among these are the cities of Tumodr, to the north, and Lotold, situated in the south. As gateways to the Bay of Ylvuun and the Sea of Svarungh, these cities serve as conduits for trade and commerce, allowing a diverse array of imports from across Arlok, and even the continents of #Rela and Delhiza.   Tumodr and Lotold, though united in their maritime pursuits, are steeped in a rivalry that has endured for centuries. Their competition has been fueled by a historical dispute over the right to trade with a group of particularly affluent Delhizan merchants. This disagreement, generations old now, has only stoked their ambition to outdo each other, and every shipment entering or leaving the ports becomes a point of contention, a new score in their ongoing match.   Svindarrik, a small town nestled further inland, is renowned for an entirely different reason. Here resides Ymoria the Seer, an elderly woman with a rare gift of foresight. Many journey to Svindarrik to seek her wisdom, their respect for her evident in their reverent demeanor.   Fiftin's towns each hold their own quirks and features: Howeddles is known for its annual festival of lights, when thousands of lanterns are released into the night sky. Ultaker is home to an ancient statue said to have been left by a forgotten people. Hingin boasts an unusually tall lighthouse, visible from miles around, and Swarce holds an annual race across its rocky hills, a tradition dating back to a dispute settled by a footrace centuries ago.   Presiding over Fiftin is Lord Tragan, whose influence is as wide as the seas he commands for the Iron Lords. His relationship with the people is somewhat ambivalent; they respect his naval power and his contribution to Fiftin's prosperity, but harbor resentment for his often high-handed ways. Amidst the tales of his rule, one spooky maritime story circulates most frequently. It's the tale of the "Ghost Ship of Svarungh", a phantom vessel said to appear on foggy nights. Some claim it to be the spectral remains of a ship Lord Tragan sank in a power display, its crew doomed to forever sail the silent seas. Half the folks in Fiftin tell it to scare children; the other half glance nervously at the sea on particularly foggy nights.


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