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POPULATION: 400K   RELIGION: Läänti Ascendism | (North): Farang Paganism   ETHNIC GROUPS: Jarfik   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Heldokðuir - 300K / RIKAAD - 100K   CURRENCY: Gothan (0.8, S)   CAPITAL: Hvaelige   CITIES: Sulde   TOWNS: Bludenjoin, Hoentim, Stefl, Abstmark, Derbusband, Prist   VILLAGES: Vorkethrig, Hymnandrick, Miuthr's Cove, Klaangenswir, Haisar, Thortwaan, Urt, Krom, Visrick
  Cillt-Craiduk is best known as the site of the Monastery of Aurim-Bas, home base to The Aurimbic Tradition. No mere building, the monastery functions as the Order’s central magical text, known as The Tangled Scrolls, its walls covered in the mad scribblings of the Tradition’s founder, Keldaroth. For the local Jarfik culture it is a place of pilgrimage, and masses gather outside during the Ascended Grand Festival of Mindal in winter to recite prayers and ask for atonement from The Aspects - or, alternatively, the old gods, as those in the north cling more closely to ancient beliefs than the southern population, instead steeped in Läänti Ascendism.   The capital, Hvaelige, connects Cillt-Craiduk to the nation’s greatest sources of commerce: the coastal territories of Relig and Kaul to the east, and Chalornok's largest city, Valhous, to the south. Some foreign goods make their way north of the Hvaelige but terrain on this route becomes increasingly intraversable until one finally reaches the Albunsvold, a massive pine forest and home to the area’s eldest clans, where most survive simply on whatever’s available. Those nearer Miuthr’s Cove or Vorkethrig manage a meagre trade with the Cadgren of the Ribok Isles, which brings in a little more coin than folk there would otherwise see.

Shield of the Jom



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