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POPULATION: 200K   RELIGION: Läänti Ascendism   ETHNIC GROUPS: Kiinttel   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: RIKAAD - 100K / Heldokðuir - 75K / HEZDEL - 25K   CURRENCY: Toger (0.9, S)   CAPITAL: Ioustrweg   CITIES: Knochun   TOWNS: Warnicts, Besgrer, Gotrant, Farthsippin, Hothent, Eldegrap   VILLAGES: Holdwakest, Messempen, Druvðmir, Gurundarga, Blausven, Unterviss, Meirdugas, Fhourveit, Sonnesvor
  Kaul is a cold and rugged nation nestled between the sprawling and bountiful Fristhof Sea and the towering peaks dotting Cillt-Craiduk's borders. Its people, as most northern folk, are a tough and hardy breed, accustomed to the harsh conditions imposed by land and sea alike. They are renowned for their seafaring prowess, with many brave and skilled sailors among their ranks, and the Vilttamyyt Shipyards in the capital city of Ioustrweg boast the very finest craftsmen from across Arlok.   Ioustrweg itself is a bustling port town that the native Kiinttel culture regards as a gateway to the wider world. As such, is home to a great many adventurers, merchants, and vagabonds from places afar. Most of its trade is conducted with Arlos in Rela, and Azon in Delhiza. Kaul is also the central channel for shipped goods flowing to other northern nations, namely Relig, Cillt-Craiduk, and Farakt. The city is built of a unique combination of materials, including whalebone, driftwood, and stone, giving it a distinct and striking appearance. The whalebone structures in particular are a source of wonder and amazement for visitors, some of whom come just to get a gander.   The second most populous city is Knochun, a center of the silver industry. Here, some of Kaul's most skilled miners and metalworkers work to extract and shape the precious substance into beautiful and intricate works of art. Silver is also held aloft as a kind of divine material, above and beyond its centrality to the economy; it is the metal of choice for the fashioning of religious figures such as The Aspects and even older myths are tinged with silver-related themes. The people of Knochun are proud of their craft and take great care to preserve and promote the traditional techniques and styles of their ancestors.   Outside of these two cities there are few real points of interest, although one can be sure that classic Kiintel hospitality is sure to be extended, no matter how small the village.

High Seal of Kaul



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