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POPULATION: 3 MILLION   RELIGION: Congregation of the Ascended   ETHNIC GROUPS: Cszunli   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Iakali - 2.5M / DRAKSI - 200K / HEZDEL - 200K / Timeredrhu - 100K   CURRENCY: Nikoi (0.9, S)
  Arlos is a beautiful, sunshine-filled maritime region flanked by the Pelisemeran Sea and the Sea of Svarungh. It is a key vein of trade through which flow goods from the continents of Arlok, and, more newly, Delhiza, via The Trail of Clouds; its port cities, such as Itatosta in Allida, are especially bustling. The better part of the nation’s business is done with Draksineon, and relationships between its native Cszunli people and the Drakoya are incredibly strong, with Arlos counted as one of the Golden Land’s top allies. Cementing this bond, many well-to-do Drakoyans, especially those with vested interests here, choose to build summer homes along the shores of Cartibi Bay, and a tourist industry catering to their tastes has accordingly arisen in Marivei. The state of Laonam, meanwhile, hosts a swelling number of Delfó, including some of Sonchihilic city’s most successful merchants.   The native Cszunli possess an upbeat, sanguine character, and are well known for being friendly – a perception more conservative cultures extend to encompass lustfulness (overblown, but not wholly undeserved). They have a robust love of food and drink, particularly wines, for which the state of Sposi is famous. But despite this earthiness, they are also passionate about spiritual life and are devout members of the Congregation of the Ascended. The AspectsThe Father’s Feast Table’ and ‘The Cracked Colossus’ are held to have national significance, and feasts throughout the year are held to uphold them.

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