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POPULATION: 400K   CAPITAL: Itatosta   CITIES: N/A   TOWNS: Phici, Ostro, Chimertasyal   VILLAGES: Borietou, Cocol, Shori, Cali Nita  
  Ruled by the eccentric House Lélsívó, Allida's charm is as unique as the whimsical waxed moustache of its head, Lord Tutsi Lélsívó. Known for his theatrical personality and voracious appetites, Lord Lélsívó's idiosyncrasies have become emblematic of Allida's spirit: a delightful mix of flamboyance, avarice, and insatiable curiosity.   Its capital, Itatosta, is a melting pot of diverse cultures, encapsulating the quintessence of an Arlosian spirit infused with flavours of both Relan and Delhizan heritages. It's a city where life throbs in the myriad hues of its denizens, their rich tapestry of traditions culminating in a vibrant, infectious energy.   One point of interest in Itatosta is the Sanctuary of the Surfacing Sun, an ancient, majestic shrine located on the city's highest peak. As the day breaks, the first rays of the sun illuminate the sanctuary, making it appear as if it's surfacing from the ocean of dawn. This event, often accompanied by the tolling of sonorous bells, attracts pilgrims and tourists alike, adding a layer of mysticism to Itatosta's aura.   Secondly, the Madame Moontide's Marvelous Maritime Museum is a spectacle that embodies Allida's quirky charm. It houses a haphazard collection of everything from a kraken's tooth to the world's smallest model ship, all crammed into an old lighthouse. It's a whimsical, ridiculous must-visit that encapsulates the joyous eccentricity of Allida.   Lastly, the Plaza of the Paddling Pachyderm is an open square with a gigantic statue of an elephant trying to swim. This peculiar monument, a nod to a local legend about a seafaring elephant, has become an emblem of Allida's spirit of whimsy and adventure.   Allida's most famous son, Thacé Lélsívó, shares the region's eccentricity. Known for his audacious swim across the Sea of Svarungh to the Arlean Isles, Thacé's journey was a testament to Allida's adventurous spirit. Despite succumbing to the cold on reaching his destination, Thacé's memory lives on in the annual Thacé's Feast, where locals gather to remember his bravery and share tales of his escapades over food and wine. His swim, as wild as it was, symbolizes the freedom and daring that lies at the heart of Allida.

Seal of House Lélsívó



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