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POPULATION: 500K   CAPITAL: Distratos   CITIES: N/A   TOWNS: (Navirdi: Onnos Aur, Nawirdeen) Evencenei, Kratho   VILLAGES: (Navirdi: Llamnes, Pyar-e-Morra, Gapwildwen, Fassilvere)  
  Onsil, the rocky gatekeeper of Arlos to Arlok, is ruled by the diplomatic House Cszón. The close ties with Ceweren, fostered through mutual respect, language exchange, and marital alliances, make Onsil a fascinating crossroad of cultures. The rugged beauty of its terrain, a painter's dream, adds a dash of romance to this geopolitical importance.   Distratos, the capital, is an epitome of strategic harmony. The architecture beautifully combines the sturdy Cszunli buildings with elegant Weyr influences. Markets brim with Arloki goods, transforming the town into a vibrant bazaar where local merchants haggle in Rikaad, a testament to the shared cultural landscape.   The town of Kratho, perched on the breathtaking cliffs overlooking the sea, has given birth to an artistic renaissance. This creative nucleus has attracted artists from across the continents, drawn to the transformative magic of the rugged landscape and the transcendent quality of the light. Four of these artists have risen to prominence, their art deeply ingrained in the soul of Onsil.   The first, Lekiro Wael, a painter from Ceweren, has forever immortalized the wild, raw beauty of Onsil in his dramatic landscapes. Wael's works, characterized by his bold strokes and moody hues, capture the elemental energy of Onsil's rocky terrains.   Alora Isilun, a native sculptor, finds inspiration in the very stones of Onsil. Her intricate statues, often of mythical figures from Cszunli and Weyr legends, exhibit an uncanny lifelike quality and grace.   The third, Thobran Drey, is a Cszunli composer whose symphonies encapsulate the sounds of Onsil - the rustle of the wind through the cliffs, the rhythmic crash of the sea, and the hum of the bustling marketplaces. His music is a love letter to his homeland, an auditory journey that resonates with Onsil's essence.   Lastly, Ernd Fela, a playwright and poet from Beurin, has used Onsil as the backdrop for many of his plays. His evocative words weave tales of love, loss, and life amidst the cliffs and the sea, embodying the spirit of the region.   Away from the artists' enclave of Kratho, the town of Evencenei serves as a hub for the flow of goods along the The Trail of Clouds. Here, traders, travelers, and tales intermingle, and the air is often thick with the scent of exotic spices and the sound of languages from distant lands.   With its cultural richness, artistic heritage, and rocky allure, Onsil stands as a testament to Arlos' diversity, an indomitable sentinel of the shared Cszunli and Weyr heritage, and an ever-evolving canvas for artists and dreamers alike.

Seal of House Cszón



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