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POPULATION: 50K   CAPITAL: Speran   CITIES: N/A   TOWNS: Klounisiri, Therflou   VILLAGES: N/A  
  Colo, the tiny gem of the Sea of Svarungh, is the epitome of tranquil beauty. Its azure waters and golden sands are a sight to behold, while the lush groves of palm trees hum with life. Colo falls under the eccentric rule of House Tözkenü, with the equally peculiar Lord Ũnke Tözkenü at the helm from the island capital of Speran.   Colo's strategic location between Arlok and Delhiza makes it a favoured pit stop for voyagers crossing the sea. However, the island's seeming paradise isn't as idyllic as it appears. The quirky yet often disconcerting antics of the ruling Tözkenü family make most travellers uncomfortable for longer stays.   Lord Tözkenü, a man as colourful as his moustache, has an eccentricity that flirts dangerously with madness. Tales of his exploits are as common as sand grains on the beach. From hosting midwinter beach parties in freezing temperatures to attempting to breed flying fish in his courtyard pond, his actions are more than a tad unusual. One particularly memorable episode involved him declaring war on the seagulls for stealing his picnic and organizing his servants into an 'anti-gull brigade'.   Tözkenü's relatives share in his zaniness, turning Colo into a bizarre theatre of outlandish occurrences. Yet, the residents of the island take these peculiarities in their stride, focusing instead on their simple, peaceful lives.   Therflou, one of Colo's towns, is renowned for its exceptionally attractive populace. There's a distinct ethereal beauty about Therflou's inhabitants that many believe springs from their harmonious lifestyle and close connection to the sea. It's also rumoured that Therflou's stunning sunsets cast a flattering glow that enhances the townfolk's attractiveness.   On the other end of the spectrum, the town of Klounisiri is primarily inhabited by the elderly. With its slow pace of life and serenity, it is a place where old age is not just respected but celebrated. Despite the ageing population, the town is full of life, as the wisdom and experiences of the older generations enrich the community's shared stories and traditions. However, it is often quipped that the beauty of Therflou couldn't trickle down to Klounisiri, given its noticeably 'plain' inhabitants.   Colo, for all its quirks and oddities, remains a place of extraordinary beauty and serenity. It is an island where everyday life is punctuated by the ebb and flow of the sea and the caprices of an eccentric noble family.

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