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POPULATION: 550K   CAPITAL: Persatiou   CITIES: N/A   TOWNS: Gramazen, Condbentoi, Primsocha, Sidenta   VILLAGES: Recouci, Coubol, Posecrimi, (Navridi: Duven Mairdoc)  
  Marivei, the region of verdant vineyards and sun-kissed slopes, is an emerald jewel in Arlos' crown. It is ruled by the vibrant House Mazkép, led by the gregarious Lady Igo Mazkép, whose wit and charm have transformed the capital, Persatiou, into the social hub of Arlos, where summer villas dot the countryside, hosting a constant stream of Drakoyan elites escaping the rigidity of their homeland.   Persatiou, nestled amidst undulating hills and vineyards, is a town painted with the hues of good cheer and conviviality. From its cobblestone streets echo laughter, music, and the clinking of wine glasses. The Mazkép Manor, a grand edifice overlooking the town, is the epicentre of festivities, hosting lavish feasts that blend the robust Cszunli heartiness with Drakoyan sophistication.   Gramazen, a picturesque town by the Pelisemeran Sea, is known for its world-class wineries. The annual Vino Festiva here draws wine enthusiasts globally, eager to sample the rich Marivei Reds and the effervescent Sunlit Whites, each a testament to Marivei's fertile lands and the wine-making prowess of its people.   Sidenta, on the other hand, is steeped in tranquility. This peaceful town, nestled in the shadow of the towering Mount Klimates, is a retreat for those seeking solace from the bustling world. Its small, quaint houses are surrounded by lush orchards, a stark contrast to the glittering life of Persatiou.   However, amidst the wine and cheer, lies a darker undertone. The town of Condbentoi, tucked away in a quiet corner of Marivei, tells a different tale. The imposing grey structure of the Condbentoi Prison, which houses some of the most notorious criminals of Arlos, casts a grim shadow over the town's scenic beauty. The prison, in contrast to Lady Mazkép's affable governance, is a chilling reminder of the underbelly of society.   In the shadowy corners of Persatiou's taverns, whispers abound of The Curved Dagger, a secret society alleged to have its roots in Marivei. The society, rumored to comprise disaffected elites, has become a thorn in Lady Mazkép's side, threatening to tarnish Marivei's image as a haven of merriment.   Yet, despite the undercurrents of darkness, Marivei continues to be a beacon of hospitality, its vineyards and vibrant social life blunting the edge of its less savoury secrets. Lady Mazkép, ever the gracious hostess, seamlessly handles the complexities of ruling a land loved by her people and coveted by outsiders, adding an element of intrigue to Marivei's charm.

Seal of House Mazkép



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