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POPULATION: 700K   CAPITAL: Ariethetros   CITIES: N/A   TOWNS: Sarisanta, Spairi, Tivele, Sulum, Legrese   VILLAGES: Signa, Amenne, Sativiki, Sponumli, Toerru  
  Poised in the far reaches of Rela and blanketed by the mystic fog of Delhiza, Laonam is a region painted in the shades of intrigue and ethereal beauty. Its reigns are held by the competent House Kázt, a lineage known for their wisdom and diplomatic finesse, especially when dealing with the neighbouring nation of Del, the gatekeeper to Delhiza.   The capital, Ariethetros, is the meeting point of two worlds: the familiar bustle of Relan civilisation and the enigmatic allure of Delhiza's exotic wilderness. It's a city where the warm glow of taverns cuts through the perpetual fog, and the air is heady with the scent of spiced wines and salt from the sea.   Ariethetros stands as a beacon at the end of The Trail of Clouds, the legendary path that links Rela to Delhiza. Its vibrant markets bustle with traders peddling an array of goods, from Relan silks and spices to Delhizan artefacts and exotic pets.   The town of Sarisanta, cocooned in fog and perched high on the hills, is a must-visit for its famed tea gardens. The tea leaves, nurtured in the misty environment, are known to produce a unique flavour that's a favourite of connoisseurs far and wide. Every year, Sarisanta hosts the Fog Harvest, a grand tea festival, attracting travellers and traders from all corners of the world.   Tivele, another enchanting town, is renowned for its hot springs, believed to have restorative properties. The Springs of Nurhasi, named after the legendary sorceress by merchant members of the Delfó culture who have settled here along the trade route, draw a steady stream of visitors seeking the warmth of their healing waters amid the surrounding fog. The locals, often seen cloaked in colourful woven shawls, weave tales of the spirit of Nurhasi blessing the springs.   House Kázt, despite the mystic surroundings and whispers of ancient spirits, has created a realm grounded in pragmatic governance. Lord Kázt, a wise and seasoned diplomat, maintains a peaceful rapport with the Delfó, ensuring that the economic benefits of the Trail of Clouds extend to the populace of Laonam. His rule, though firm, is laced with kindness and an understanding of the dual world his people inhabit.   The village of Toerru, set in the heart of dense, foggy woods, is home to the acclaimed artist Nareni Kesz, famed for her hauntingly beautiful paintings that capture the essence of Laonam - its fog, its mystery, and its harmony with nature. Her works, widely sought after, add to the intrigue that wraps Laonam, beckoning the curious to explore its ethereal charms.   In Laonam, the convergence of mist and culture creates an intriguing realm, where reality seems dipped in the hues of fantasy. It is a testament to the adaptability of the Cszunli people, who embrace their region's mystique and the prosperity offered by its strategic location with equal enthusiasm.

Seal of House Kázt



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