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POPULATION: 800K   CAPITAL: Mallakis   CITIES: Brutsos   TOWNS: Mouscas, Remobal, Angleays, Savid, Yas, Vadartia   VILLAGES: Minou, Defari, Resorbou, Atu, Allos  
  Sposi, nestled between the turquoise waters of Cartibi and Boulous Bays, is a region of undeniable charm, ensnared in a dance between its historic connections and the mounting tensions of its neighbours. Governed by the astute House Raglá, Sposi navigates its unique position with a mixture of diplomacy, pragmatism, and a healthy measure of spirited local tradition.   At the heart of Sposi, whipped by coastal winds and bathed in golden sunlight, stands Mallakis, the capital. Its skyline is a juxtaposition of whitewashed Cszunli architecture and touches of the opulent Drakoyan aesthetic. The city breathes a strange harmony, reflecting the intricate dance between the past and the emerging future, embodied in the shared spaces of lively markets, the renowned Academy of Astral Studies, and the local taverns where Drakoyan tales of star-following nomadic ancestors blend with local folklore.   To the east lies Brutsos, Sposi's only city, a bustling trade hub renowned for its exquisite wines. It's here that the famous local beverage, the Zirnitra's Kiss, originated. Named after an ancient folk heroine associated with stars and wisdom, this wine blends the region's best grapes with a hint of local herbs, resulting in a drink said to taste like a moonlit night under the stars.   And where there's wine, there are tales of those who indulge. Brutsos was the home of a legendary figure, Ambros The Star-touched - the most famous drunk in the history of Sposi. Despite his penchant for Zirnitra's Kiss, Ambros was a poet of unmatched talent, his inebriated ramblings often transcending into verses of such beauty and insight that they are still studied and recited today. A local saying goes, "As sure as Ambros' thirst, so is the truth in his verse."   The towns of Sposi, such as Mouscas with its thriving shipbuilding industry and Angleays, the gastronomic heartland, each bear unique identities. Yet, they share the region's air of anticipation, as if awaiting the unravelling of their neighbours' tensions. In the smaller villages like Allos, life is unhurried, almost untouched by the socio-political drama.   As Sposi looks towards an uncertain future, the people hold fast to their vibrant traditions, their rich wines, and their unique position in the heart of a changing world. House Raglá's careful leadership will undoubtedly steer Sposi through whatever storm may come, guiding the region like the ancient star-followers of Arlosian lore.

Seal of House Raglá



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