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POPULATION: 2.5 MILLION   RELIGION: The Ntúazí: Spirit Guardians of Delhiza   ETHNIC GROUPS: Azoˈnúktum, Wostarchyh (Estrenya)
  LANGUAGES SPOKEN: HEZDEL - 1.8M / Hagottragayöl - 600K / RIKAAD - 100K   CURRENCY: Sekee (0.7, T)
  Azon is a tapestry of tall, craggy cliffs, bewilderingly beautiful forests, and sweeping plains, that conspires towards its visitors’ enchantment.   Its inhabitants, the Azoˈnúktum, are warmer and more hospitable than folk living elsewhere in Delhiza due to the openness of their geography compared with the swampy territorial enclosures of Del and Sau-Hezib, as well as the group’s heightened contact with the outside world. Closest ties are to nearby Arlokian countries such as Kaul and Chalornok, extensive trade partners. Imports from the High North – most crucially, iron - flow down The Trail of Clouds from its terminus in rocky Hagottra’s capital city of Oachiern, where the goodwill between trading cultures is such that a small community with mixed Azoˈnúktum and northern heritage, the Wostarchyh, has resulted as an example of social fusion unrivalled by other Delhizan tribes, who are traditionally cloistered.   South of Hagottra lies Azodel, a land known for its byzantine customs and grand architecture. In its politics it is strongly aligned with Del, and has been since just after the rise of the sorceress Nurhasi (circa 2500), when the Delfó conqueror, Amengranke, He Who Stands Against the Wind, absorbed the province into his empire under her banner, believing her to have inspired his many victories. Religious zeal compelled Amengranke to institute Nurhasi’s worship among his subjects, including the Azo’núktum, and despite the ebb and flow of governments, shared allegiances to the Owl totem have eased relations between groups on both sides of the border. Azon is now an independent country, and one in which there is a strong Nurhetic presence, particularly the Tradition’s School of the Sun.
Blazon of the Tribe Shích

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