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POPULATION: 1.5M   CAPITAL: Sorseg   CITIES: Chemanam, Ikoverri, Mahob   TOWNS: Glorougazingth, Apsitma, Famchamira, Clideh, Indopas, Chhumupi, Barusenki, Ti Pas Byan   VILLAGES: Bhedwismal, Pisubh, Chemor, Bolbal, Lirilompu, Tsaog, Barawio, Fosmi  
  Azodel, in the southern part of Azon, is a vibrant province known for its cultural richness and stunning architectural wonders. With a population of 1.5 million, it has a deep connection to the legacy of the sorceress Nurhasi and the spiritual teachings of the Nurhetic tradition.   The capital city, Sorseg, is a testament to the architectural prowess of the Azoˈnúktum people. The city's skyline is dotted with grandiose towers made from a unique blend of stone and native timber, which glisten under the sunlight, earning Sorseg the nickname "City of Sunbeams". Within Sorseg lies the Hall of the Sun, a majestic temple dedicated to Nurhasi and home to the School of the Sun. Here, students delve deep into the mysteries of dreams and light, blending Nurhasi's teachings with the local spiritual practices of the Ntúazí spirit guardians.  
Above: Hall of the Sun
  The cities of Chemanam, Ikoverri, and Mahob are known for their bustling markets and a thriving artisanal scene. Ikoverri is particularly notable for its biannual Dreams and Lights Festival, where artisans from across the region display their dream-inspired creations, and light sculptures illuminate the city.   The towns of Azodel like Glorougazingth, Famchamira, and Clideh are nestled amidst rolling plains and dense forests. These towns are known for their communal gatherings where storytelling, dream sharing, and traditional Ntúazí rituals are practiced.   Among villages, Bhedwismal stands out for its tradition of "Dreamweaving", where artisans incorporate their dreams into their crafts, creating unique pieces filled with symbolism and personal narratives. Artisans have a long history of connection with the The Nurhetic Tradition, and though their own arts don't manifest in the same way Nurhetic magic does, the rituals they practice are nevertheless an ancient and accepted part of their craft. Lirilompu, located near the cliffs, is similarly known for its Sunset Rituals where villagers gather every evening to celebrate the setting sun, believed to symbolize the journey of dreams into the subconscious.   Notable figures from Azodel include Veshan Lenot, the current head of the School of the Sun; Amira Genzi, a renowned artisan known for her dreamweaved tapestries; and Atrin Owlclan, a famous fighter in the arenas of Sorseg. Lenot is a descendant of the non-Delhizan ethnic minority from Hagottra, the Wostarchyh, and his teachings reflect the fusion of these cultures. Genzi's works have gained international recognition, making her one of the most influential figures in the contemporary art scene.   Azodel, with its blend of cultures, spiritual traditions, and artistic richness, stands as a beacon of shared heritage and unity among the people of Azon. Its strong connections to Nurhasi's teachings have also positioned it as a spiritual and cultural powerhouse in the region. Through shared dreams and mutual respect, the people of Azodel continue to celebrate their diverse heritage while looking towards a harmonious future.

Blazon of the Tribe Ntúm



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