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POPULATION: 1M   CAPITAL: Oachiern   CITIES: Autrevi, Deinpas   TOWNS: Annrethop, Cumenrum, Numedre Woudug, Codeldeuc, Rudublees   VILLAGES: Esmaraga, Sojoy, Othbenban, Easwalah, Metesbing, Besd, Rallias  
  Hagottra is a robust province located in the northern part of Azon, divided into southern and northern regions ruled by Houses Chób and Krohä, respectively. Its unique geographical and cultural landscape paints a picture of diversity and resilience. The province's population of 1 million is composed of native Azoˈnúktum, as well as the Wostarchyh, a light-skinned ethnic group descended from migrants from of Rajan and Sakxa. Languages spoken include Hezdel,, Hagottragayöl, and Rikaad, the last being a language of trade from the nearby continent of Arlok, across the Sea of Svarungh.   The capital city, Oachiern, is Hagottra's core. Known as the 'Gateway to the North', it is a bustling hub of trade, where goods from the High North, particularly iron from The Iron Lords across the sea in Chalornok, flow into Azon. The cityscape is characterized by the sturdy stone architecture of the North and the intricate designs of the Azoˈnúktum, blending to create an aesthetic unique to Oachiern. The Iron Plaza is a prominent marketplace where traders from far and wide come to trade goods, ideas, and stories, making it a lively center of economic and cultural activity.   On the prefecture's southwestern coast lies the city of Autrevi, known for its blending of cultures. Here, native and immigrant communities coexist harmoniously, their unique customs and traditions interweaving to form a distinct cultural tapestry. The Festival of Frosts, celebrated at the peak of winter, is a prominent event where people from different communities come together to celebrate the season's end with shared meals, storytelling, and dance.   The southern town of Cumenrum, under the rule of House Chób, is famous for its intricate pottery and crafts, inspired by both Delhizan and Arloki traditions. The Potters Square is a bustling area here where local artisans display their crafts, the vibrant colors, and intricate patterns telling tales of Hagottra's diverse heritage.   One of Hagottra's well-known personalities is Pil Brethom, an ambitious and enterprising individual, who, through shrewd negotiation skills, forged a crucial trade alliance with the Iron Lords of Chalornok. Her influence has made Oachiern a pivotal trade hub in the region. She is well-connected to trade guilds near and far, and especially acquainted with fellow merchants at the Eizu's Traders Guild, situated in the Ribok Isles.   Another famous figure hailing from Hagottra is Idril Valom, a historian and scholar from Deinpas, known for his comprehensive works on the history and cultures of Azon. His book, "The Mosaic of Azon: A Chronicle of Cultural Confluence", is considered a seminal work in understanding the rich cultural history of the region.

Blazon of Houses Chób (Hezdel) and Krohä (Hagottragayol)



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