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POPULATION: 500K   RELIGION: The Old Tradition   ETHNIC GROUPS: Sakxani, Meila   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: SAKVIR - 450K / COLMERHÆD - 40K / Reodhrag - 10K   CURRENCY: Eadba (1, P)   CAPITAL: Westraldom (Ustythod)]
Heading to Sakxa? Word to the wise: Bring a horse.
  Within Rajan, Sakxa is referred to as The White Steed after Tammnermmimm, an equine deity recognized by The Old Tradition as the island’s holy protector. Sakxani folk tales and mythology abound with exalted depictions of horses, mundane and divine, and symbols of these beasts appear everywhere in the culture, from ancient shrines carved into the windswept cliffs, to embroidered patterns on peasant clothing, on account of the overwhelming passion that exists for them. One simply cannot overstate their importance: Presenting the gift of a horse to a son or daughter of Sakxa is to become an unofficial member of the family, and friend for life.   The title "Son of The White Steed" is given to the isle’s High King upon his coronation, a royal protocol begun with the mighty conqueror, Eddvar - the sole Sakxani warrior to conquer the whole of his own island, and outshine even this feat by extending its borders southwards across the sea, to Gnosit, and, for a very short time, the northern rock of Reollan. Eddvar’s empire marked the zenith of Sakxani power, and he remains a glorified figure for this reason, so much so the Clerics of the Woadvale declared him the spiritual father of all rulers following in his stead. Modern kings pay homage to his memory through a yearly pilgrimage from the royal capital at Westraldom to Cumbign, both in Ustythod, the latter being the initial staging point of Eddvar’s inspired campaign.   Though Sakxa’s borders contracted after Eddvar’s reign, enterprising merchants have kept busy finding ways to expand the island’s influence once again. Its lush green fields and rolling hills are home to an array of livestock, a principal source of wealth. Wool from Sakxani sheep, known as Pfellimm, is among the world’s finest, and a little well-targeted salesmanship has opened up a bustling market for the good: Overseas powers, i.e. nations in Ring of Rhodil, have recently started to clamber over one another to place bids. Sakxani stallions, of course, as sturdy in their builds as they are fleet, have begun to be prized by noble patrons abroad. And outside of animals, objets d’art, including extraordinary bone carvings and just about anything made of silver, given a local gift for working fine filigree, have likewise shipped across the Volaide Sea into the collections of some extremely deep-pocketed patrons. Though its reputation for excessive rain has kept Sakxa largely free of foreign visitors from afar, each year the trickle of interest ticks up, as gold does in turn, restoring the country one Eadba at a time.
Crest of Hachrich, High King of Sakxa

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