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POPULATION: 250K   CAPITAL: Westraldom   CITIES: N/A   TOWNS: Camderweal, Cumbign, Graign, Decedaugh   VILLAGES: Ponner, Rien, Chansledow, Readowled, Grath, Shorehorne   
  Ustythod, the capital province of the isle of Sakxa, thrives amidst echoes of ancient kings and the dreams of its current ruler, High King Thudisken Hthoros. The region where kings once reigned supreme, Ustythod embodies the nation's history and aspirations. The city flourishes, owing to the prosperity brought by nearby Dhuring's wool industry, which fills the High King's coffers.   Thudisken, a crafty ruler, adorns the capital with luxurious edifices and statues, showcasing his wealth and aiming to challenge his rival across the Volaide Sea, Eiks Sdu'mran of Cerlin. Yet, he harbors deeper ambitions, aspiring to combine trade power and territorial expansion.   Advising the High King is a council of experienced politicians and innovative thinkers, led by the sagacious councillor, Alaris Draemar. They steer Sakxa towards economic strength and diplomatic alliances, often conflicting with the High King's expansionist dreams, based in large part on the legend of King Eddvar, a successor that pushed Sakxa's borders out beyond the isle, the only ruler to do so.   Ustythod represents Sakxa's enduring spirit, where past and present converge, and dreams of territorial gain mingle with the pursuit of wealth. It's a city brimming with intellectual pursuits, led by the scholars at Ustythod Academy, which often clash with the practices of the Old Tradition priests.   Life in Ustythod is a blend of various crafts, from Camderweal's jewelers and metalworkers to Rien's farmers. Regular social gatherings, like the Festival of Flames, add to the city's allure, fostering a sense of unity.   However, beneath Ustythod's glamour, clandestine activities and secret plans abound, driven by figures like the Shadow Trader. As the city pulses with energy, it stands as Sakxa's heart, embodying the resilience of its people, and shaping the nation's path forward, guided by the visions of the current High King and the echoes of his predecessors.


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