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POPULATION: 500K   RELIGION: Läänti Ascendism | (North): Farang Paganism   ETHNIC GROUPS: Eskelik   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: RIKAAD - 250K / Strvingydh - 250K    CURRENCY: Hastaggil (0.6, T)   CAPITAL: Olhasks   CITIES: Northweiv, Aringswor   TOWNS: Hammentiver, Wilboriek, Ranglen, Hodedtrant, Swunkill, Forchemoon, Knigattan, Finiank, Orgavolkes   VILLAGES: Ristimplick, Walkengel, Hockdra, Swal, Yhrgal, Vahaldras, Vitmiorge, Austrendost, Klannavirmist, Gustsonne, Selstramgras, Hoptcass, Elma Ruugen
  Bimmentok is the epicentre of old-world Arloki culture, once built around the ancient Realm of Klar Bimment (roughly contemporaneous with The Kingdom of Khyr (3100-2600)) from which the nation draws its name. The The Lair of the Seers - the world’s oldest magical site situated on the chilly waters of Lake Ama-Toh - is an artifact of this period. Back before The Aurimbic Tradition hit the scene, thereby shifting the world’s attention to Cillt-Craiduk and the Monastery of the Tangled Scrolls, living near the Seers was considered a propitious matter and many flocked there to bask in their aura. The land in those days was also reputedly greener this far north, and did not impose the significant barriers for settlers that it does now.   Most of the population in the nation’s lower half are Rikaad-speaking people, an overflow of Chalornok's Vylmöt tribes; all three cities of any size – Northweiv, Aringswor, and the capital of Olhasks sitting south of the epic Fingerbone Mountains fall largely under their leadership. North of here, living in smaller villages dotting the mountainsides, are the Eskelik, who speak Strvingydh. Both their language and their customs hearken back to the days of Bimment, whose grandeur continues to fuel the imagination of local skalds - as do the mountains themselves, in the old days regarded as home to gods and giants. The Eskelik are talented carvers and objects they make in wood and bone bring in a good income, and are even known in Draksineon and beyond.

Shield of Clan Nihmuu



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