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POPULATION: 1 MILLION   RELIGION: Ntúazí of Sau-Hezib   ETHNIC GROUPS: Sau, Hil:u, Wostarchyh (Estrenya)
  LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Si-Sau - 700K / Estrenya - 250K / Ramaidora - 50K   CURRENCY: Booni (0.4, D)
  Up until the last few years, Mador was thought of as little more than a very large rock, possessed of terrible weather and populated by primitive peoples - namely, the Hil:u. Its currency has, however, soared in the wake of discovery of a heretofore unknown metal that seems to possess some unusual properties.. Foreign investors from Arlok to Tyril have crawled over themselves to submit bids for mining rights - an act inspiring the Sau, one of two tribes dominant in Sau-Hezib to the south, to encroach upon and seize the Hil:u's traditional lands. Relatively higher levels of political sais-quoi-faire have allowed the Sau to commandeer the negotiation process quite expertly, placing them in the enviable position of getting very rich, quick. Sadly, the Hil:u's fates have worsened with their arrival in Mador.   Aside from the Hil:u there is a non-indigenous community of Estrenya-speaking migrants from Rajan, the Wostarchyh, living off the Tiongic Stretch in Tumung. Fishing is their livelihood. Though present here for three generations, they have made few inroads with the local population and keep largely to themselves.

Blazon of the Tribe Yikùsu

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