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POPULATION: 700K   CAPITAL: Mericaski   CITIES: Mauraclo, Omises, Perbo, Anizates   TOWNS: Mergsoam, Manizes, Malazi, Viamis, Jocanac, Tnessoci, Rahoavs, Busifel, Sonally, Pareprin   VILLAGES: Erphys, Chroz, Solocalche, Moenitoun, Matingula, Sipligin, Coason, Lusianndo, Upidenate, Copanten  
  The province of Dispaho hums with an underlying current of political tension: Dominated increasingly by the prosperous Sau, this land of contrasts reveals itself most strikingly in its capital, Mericaski. Perched on the edge of majestic cliffs, the city stretches out into a blanket of fog that dances and shimmers in the early morning light.   Mericaski is a city of duality. It is a place where the mystical coexists with the mundane, the enchanting melodies of its omnipresent chimes offering a stark contrast to the city's administrative lifeblood, now under near-total control of the Sau over the native Hil:u. The discord between its mystical aura and this gritty power struggle adds to the city's enigmatic charm, as surely as Sau guards add to its climate of tension.   The province is dotted with a range of other intriguing locales, each with its unique allure. The city of Mauraclo, for instance, sprawls amidst a lush expanse of vineyards, their grapes ripening under the warm sun to produce some of the finest wines in Mador. Every year, the city comes alive with the vibrant colors and buzzing crowds of the local wine festival, a cultural highpoint attracting connoisseurs from near and far.   In Omises, the scent of spices mingles with the robust aroma of leather and timber in the bustling city markets. This vibrant hub of trade and commerce, connecting to nearby Azodel, offers a range of goods from skilled local artisans, their stalls a kaleidoscope of color and creativity. Further along the coast, the city of Perbo reveals itself. Its pristine beaches, lapped by gentle waves under the warm sun, beckon locals and visitors alike, offering a plethora of water sports and leisure activities.   And then there's Anizates, an archaeologist's dream come true. Its ancient ruins, especially the grand amphitheater, whisper tales of times long past, a testament to the region's rich and diverse history.   This intriguing tapestry in Dispaho is further enriched by the people who call it home. Famous personalities like the composer Zephara Coladra and master vintner Osinus D'Reach lend their unique charm to the region. Coladra, born amidst the echoing chimes of Mericaski, weaves those familiar sounds into her music, her compositions reverberating beyond Mador's borders. D'Reach, hailing from the vine-laden Mauraclo, has put his city on the global map with his world-renowned wines.   Even as the echoes of Mericaski's chimes reverberate through the foggy cliffs and the cities buzz with life, the undercurrents of power and control continue to stir. The Sau's encroachment is an ever-present reality, a sign of the changing times that Dispaho is grappling with. And amidst it all, the province continues to evolve, its enchanting charm undimmed by the challenges it faces.

Blazon of the Tribe Zehi



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