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POPULATION: 1.2M   CAPITAL: Nograme   CITIES: Meablegothon, Jourinne   TOWNS: Dreatmared, Thethild, Rivaul, Avicates, Canberi, Ereyinhold, Posiese, Denthelimet, Parack   VILLAGES: Garicklops, Simptinge, Smosse, Shacton, Jeffic, Greecult, Ferrown, Hirentarex, Charach, Beagne  
  The capital of Oseles, Nograme, is an energetic city, known for its blend of Tralgonian and Sakxani architecture, including intricate knotwork designs on the walls of public and private buildings alike. Every year, the city is blanketed in the warm hues of the Rosenflood Festival. All residents decorate their homes with roses, and the streets are lined with petals for a grand parade. The entire city smells of fresh roses, creating a sensory delight unlike anything else in Tralgon.   Oseles' proximity to Sakxa results in a unique fusion of Tralgonian and Sakxani cultures. You can see this fusion in the prevalence of knotwork designs in local art and architecture, and hear it in the local dialect, which blends the melodic tones of Onsero with the harder sounds of Sakvir. The fusion also extends to food, with local cuisine incorporating the hearty meat-based dishes of Sakxani tradition with the fresh seafood of Tralgon.   The Sakxani people's love for horses has been absorbed into Oseles' culture. Nobles prize Sakxani steeds for their strength and grace, and horse trading is a major industry in Oseles. These horses, transported across the sea, are the prized possessions of Tralgonian nobility, signifying wealth and status.   In Meablegothon, the City's Lighthouse, with its beautiful frescoes, is a popular attraction. In contrast, Jourinne boasts the Great Stables, home to some of the most magnificent Sakxani horses in Tralgon. This has sparked a friendly rivalry between the cities - one prides itself on its maritime prowess, the other on its equine excellence.   Canberi, a small town, is known for its hidden delight - Dulcefrost, a unique sweet pastry that tastes like it's been kissed by frost. Meanwhile, the fields around Greecult are renowned for their soil, which is so fertile that plants grow two times faster there. When removed from the region, oddly, it seems to lose this property quickly, which is unfortunate as no doubt this would represent a major economic boon for Tralgonians.   The region's most famous son was Borenghast Minkale, a member of The Council of Landezon and the The Berythian Tradition's Column of Haldorm, and an acclaimed theorist in maritime economics. One day, Minkale vanished, leaving behind only a cryptic note that read, "The sea gives, the sea takes". This mysterious disappearance has sparked numerous theories and conjectures, leaving the people of Oseles - and indeed all of Tralgon - with an enduring enigma.

Crest of House Nhilo



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