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Carabod Sadhes (The Procession of the Elements)


  Fire is the primordial Element, and chronologically said to precede all others. It is a symbol for the force of Magic itself, being what Taharjin used to create the world. Fire is passion, aggression, will, enthusiasm, ecstacy, creativity, inspiration. The great transmuter and bringer of change. Fire is held to be critical to how Time works, as it underlies the movement of matter, and the Element associated with Mages themselves. This doesn't make them better than anyone else (in theory), but those with the Gift of magic are higher only in that they have been called upon to be stewards of all others. Through their power they are in a more responsible position.   Associated Disciples: Holof, Thainkoor, Tinedon of Bai-Suud, Jureel, Chosol  


  Earth is the second in the Procession, and so, the second oldest Force in the universe. It is slow, wise, stubborn, strong, fertile, mute. Bodies are primarily of Earth: they are made from it and will return to it. It is the most critical in the practice of Alchemy as most ingredients are matter and not liquid. Earth is associated with the peasantry, who oddly in Berythian models are given the most esteemed place besides mages themselves. Beryth himself was purportedly from humble origins and saw the peasants, especially farmers, as having the greatest job to do outside of mages, as they are responsible for the survival of everyone else in society, chiefly in the production of food. It is on their behalf that the Order makes treaties with nobles. Those proficient in the Element of Earth tend to be simpatico with contemporaries in the Druidic tradition, with many overlapping abilities and interests.   Associated Disciples: Posun, Rimithin, Feldos, Stonetree, Imirion  


  Water is third in the Procession of the Elements, produced once the Earthen world took shape. It is deep, unfathomable, and mysterious, always moving, life-giving. Its pivotal nature is represented in the body's blood. It is associated with emotion, ever mercurial. As such, it is the Element of Artists, Poets, and those that create. Those with profound religious convictions are also seen as within the influence of Water. Water is the most secretive Element, as it is the most changeable (highest number of states: solid, liquid, gas). Thus, deception and appearances fall under this Element. Illusion is often most appreciable to those with tendencies towards Water.   Associated Disciples: Wais, Gremel, Salaur, Lolosid, Avanach  


  Air is last in the Procession of the Elements, thought to emerge after the presence of Water in the world. It symbolizes consciousness, which flits from idea to idea willy-nilly. It flies high, but is undisciplined; consequently it represents the Nobility, who are considered on similar terms. Fire (mages) needs Air to stoke it, just like mages require the temporal order to thrive, and so Berythian mages make pacts with nobles to secure the well-being of each. But there is always a division between the two. The goals of mages (intellectual understanding and pursuit of life's mysteries) are rarely aligned with those of the power-hungry elite. It is also the Element of pure scholars, those largely removed from worldly considerations.   Associated Disciples: Ilkalyut, Qenithu, Parion, Merezaz, Rimor


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