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POPULATION: 2 MILLION   RELIGION: Neʻā Woi̯ | (Warbi): Myriad of Nyau̯ta   ETHNIC GROUPS: Luziama   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: MASOYAN - 1.7M / Sawa - 180K / Lilunga - 100K / KERIMUTA - 20K   CURRENCY: Majoel (1, P)   CAPITAL: Gulagdagno (Negame)
  Masatoyahi is a proud and ancient nation with an impressive history of sovereignty. For longer than most of the world's nations, it has managed to maintain its independence, having had very few invasions from offshore. It is a point of pride for its inhabitants, who have as a result evolved to be mediators of conflict for the region rather than victims or initiators. The situation has resulted in the development of a strong business acumen that today defines the Luziama, the dominant ethnic group in the area, along with their prominence.   But what they lack in physical aggression, they more than make up for in the political sphere, where the reins of power are fiercely competed for by those who have the means. The rhetoric of bureaucracy has evolved into an art form among the Luziama, and alliances are often made for purely strategic reasons, with friendship coming a (sometimes not-so) close second. This has led to a society where power and status are highly valued and where trust (which isn't bought) can be difficult to come by.   Masatoyahi is closely tied to Beribon, especially its northern half, and historically has played a pivotal role in distributing the valuable spice, Riangh. This has enabled the Luziama to establish themselves as a major player in the world economy. However - to the extent that they care - this wealth has come at a cost to their reputation due to their involvement with notorious organizations like The Castlemoons, a Galori-based crime syndicate.   The practice of the continent's religion, Neʻā Woi̯, has a much more institutionalized cast in Masatoyahi than it does in either Jobaykal or Reloi. The faith here is much more heavily mediated by its priests, the Ai̯kae̯, rather than being egalitarian, and this has led to a more hierarchical society where religious leaders hold significant power and influence. Corruption is a definite consequence, and while the religion is without concepts of sin and forgiveness, the Ai̯kae̯ hold more mundane levers of control over the population, such as licenses for certain sorts of pursuits, which can be bought and sold, providing the rich another leg up.
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