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The Luziama are a wealthy cultural group occupying Masatoyahi, the largest and most civilized centre in Albagar. They speak Masoyan - the de facto language of commerce in the region by virtue of their ascendancy.   Since time eternal, the Luziama have been a maritime people, predominantly living in villages located along the coast; among them are found many skilled farmers and fishermen. A variety of crops, including rice, corn, and vegetables, and animal stocks such as pigs, chickens, and water buffaloes, are central to their livelihood and diet.   Known for their expertise in metalworking, Luziama-owned industries produce a variety of weapons and tools made of iron and bronze which are a staple of their total exports. Such tools also paved the way towards a sophisticated system of writing, and local scribes use a variety of materials, such as bamboo, palm leaves, and gold, to create their documents and records; the Luziama are the only culture in Albagar to have either literary tradition or a state bureacracy in the vein of larger empires, providing a definitive leg up in their interactions with the wider world. This advancement has also enabled their control over less technological, more traditionally observant cultures across Jobaykal and Reloi, such as the Jobay and Akkaahana.   Being the only Albagarans physically connected to a mainland continent, the Luziama have long held trade and other forms of cultural exchange with Rela, as well as Tyril: specifically, Jolim in the former, and Beribon North and South the latter, the Beribons serving in recent years as proxies of the Uvan Empire. Through their interactions, the group came to develop keen instincts when it comes to spying deals and, some say, supernatural gifts (strictly a simile) at turning opportunity to their advantage.   WIthout doubt, the Ai̯hoi̯ Trading Company, owned by a small group of controlling interests, is the singlemost lucrative venture in the region. It ferries goods including spices, textiles, and precious metals, to major ports in all directions. The Company's assets, comprising a significant network of trading posts and warehouses, are spread out across the continent's islands.   It is well-known that the Castlemoon syndicate has a heavy presence here, and while no paper trail exists, there are strong indications that collaboration with the Ai̯hoi̯ is ongoing. Historically the Ai̯hoi̯ was once involved in the shipping of riangh from Beribon north to Relan nobles, but were cut out of this relationship by the Uvandaras as their own empire began to grow in wealth and stature. It is shortly after this collapse that the Castlemoon connection is thought to have emerged.   Economic interests play an outsize role in the lives of the Luziama, but they are far from mere hawkers of wares. They are also connoisseurs of the fine arts, music, and literature, and the very richest members of this group seek to attract talent from across the globe to come and stay in Albagar. There is a definite sense of competitiveness and self-consciousness to this pursuit as Albagar is dwarfed between two fiscal titans in the form of its neighbouring continents.

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