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POPULATION: 3 MILLION   RELIGION: Congregation of the Ascended   ETHNIC GROUPS: Muim, Nuːˈxiuka   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Masajol - 1.7M / Tarels - 550K / KAHREOL - 300K / VAIRUVAND - 250K / DRAKSI - 100K / Pewanai - 90K / Borokaish - 10K   CURRENCY: Diolma (0.8,S)
  Jolim is the southernmost nation in Rela, beating Albra for the title by several miles but located much more centrally to major powers in its home continent and in Tyril, and thus more cosmopolitan. Its customs and traditions borrow liberally from both sets of surrounding cultures, combining the genteel Relan approach to rule with Tyrilan pragmatism, though the most curious thing about its governing structure is its separation into two separate but equal halves: One, the Queendom of Brychow; the other, the Kingdom of Lieval. Historical annals do not state when or how this distinction occurred, though anecdotal sources suggest the Stone Peacock, a pre-Uvan ruler of the 8th century UT, may have influenced the system.   The modern state is comprised of two bloodlines: the Muim Dynasty, active in Brychow, and the Nuːˈxiuka Dynasty of Lieval. Each lends its name to the residents of each place, connoting their status as the Queen and King’s own children – a beautifully poetic statement, sadly not extending to inheritance. The Queen is said to be the spiritual Mother of the people, and the focus of her reign is religious devotion. Some scholars speculate the nation’s situation next to Kahrilo may inform this matriarchal leaning. The monarch herself is associated with the Aspect, the Mourning Dove, and festivals which honor this divine archetype double as state propaganda of a kind. The same holds for the King, thought to be an incarnation of the Aspect, the Sacred Crown, his own agenda geared towards the security of the realm. Every guard across the country and every soldier in the standing army hails from Nuːˈxiuka stock, as does every priest from the Muim.   The two ethnic groups are fully encouraged to mix and mingle, though there are protocols governing narrower interactions, such as marriage across groups, or physically relocating from one monarchy to another.   On account of the division of realms by sex, an overpronounced notion of masculinity and femininity exists across Muim and Nuːˈxiuka cultures, but with a unique twist. In Jolim, being born to one sex prescribes a range of available social roles, but has nothing necessary to do with sexual desire. As a matter of fact, men are said to better love men, and women, women, because they, too, inhabit the same role, and can relate more to this aspect of another's experience. Loving relationships between members of the same sex are therefore not only common in the country, but the norm.   Jolim falls within the Autumn Yield magic zone, where life for mages can be difficult due to reduced magical energies. As part of Rela the country is aligned with The Council of Landezon and falls under its Stewardship, boasting a full seven Strongholds, second only to Draksineon, on account of its perceived strategic value in keeping Hex agents from infiltrating the North. Yet the general feeling about magic here is far from positive, partaking in the general Tyrilan suspicion about the power and those who use it, a fact causing friction between everyday folk and Council emissaries. Members of Jolim’s aristocracy understand the importance of keeping these ties, and remain diplomatic in their outlook, whatever their personal convictions.   Jolim’s key exports include copper, gold, and sugarcane.

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