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POPULATION: 1.2M   CAPITAL: Opronyon   CITIES: Tivemers, Afristam   TOWNS: Neired, Oppond, Neoris, Slocodynn, Semago, Adjoul, Syrive, Aligibes, Ottrinbor, Epichst, Gulamis   VILLAGES: Betanize, Laboggi, Fattrenter, Morbon, Squeahave, Peacoo, Rucentnon, Augund, Befaity, Lanceisnail   
  The kingdom of Lieval, a formidable bastion in the southern reaches of Jolim, exudes a distinct vigor, the essence of its masculine spirit deeply ingrained in the veins of its populace and the structure of its society. The domain pulsates with power and resilience, embodied in the steady rhythm of the blacksmith's hammer, the unyielding march of a soldier, and the masterful orchestration of state affairs under the watchful eye of the Nuːˈxiuka Dynasty.   The heartbeat of this realm resonates from its capital, Opronyon. This city, cradled by the sturdy arms of ancient walls, stands as a testament to the steadfastness and endurance of the Nuːˈxiuka Kings. These attributes were inherited from the indomitable King Corus Nuːˈxiuka, the "Crown of Steel," whose reign secured Opronyon as a citadel of unwavering strength and authority.   Lieval's strength isn't confined to Opronyon alone. To the west, Tivermers emerges with a roar of productivity and trade. This city, the "Bastion of Industry," pulses with the energy of craftsmen and traders. Its foundries and markets are renowned across the realm, producing eminent figures such as Master Blacksmith Toran Deepforged.   Tucked in the embrace of the mountains, Afristam echoes with the disciplined rhythm of military drills and strategic discourse. The city, often called the "Shield of Lieval," hosts the realm's most elite training grounds, churning out seasoned warriors and tacticians, among them the legendary General Braxis Ironheart.   Venture further, and you discover the town of Neired, perched high on the cliffs overlooking the turbulent Gulayin Bay. Known for its fleet of ships that brave the fierce waves, this town is home to the fearless Admiral Harlon Seawind. The vibrant town of Ottrinbor, on the other hand, is known for its competitive games and tournaments, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and honor among its inhabitants. Yet, it's the small village of Peacoo that sparks intrigue with its peculiar tradition of nocturnal archery contests, a beloved event that illuminates the night with streaks of flying arrows.   Under the robust reign of the current king, Asan Nuːˈxiuka, Lieval pulsates with vigor and resilience. The kingdom, through its sturdy walls and industrious cities, its disciplined soldiers, and its valiant leaders, embodies the spirit of the Sacred Crown – unwavering, indomitable, and undeniably alive.

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