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POPULATION: 1.8M   CAPITAL: Phobli   CITIES: Descous, Surace, Cracqu   TOWNS: Combolphally, Awintele, Nony, Highan, Pacele, Callive, Somen, Reimon, Chialtippiden, Antions, Comiden, Quice   VILLAGES: Irkie, Hastic, Torsican, Meboat, Chessit, Scover, Gustak, Goniz, Imatins, Callatore, Sugally   
  Cradled in the gentler arm of Jolim, the Queendom of Brychow unfurls as a vibrant tapestry of soulful devotion and empathetic unity. This domain, under the motherly touch of the Muim Dynasty, teems with an energy that whispers through its sacred temples, tranquil gardens, and bustling academies. Here, wisdom and compassion aren’t mere virtues, but the lifeblood that nurtures the realm, a melodious tune composed by the murmurs of prayer, the rustling of parchment, and the harmonious hum of shared understanding.   This tune finds its resonance in Phobli, the capital city of Brychow. Nestled at the heart of the city, the Great Temple stands as a beacon of spiritual enlightenment and unity, where the harmonious notes of the queendom's lifeblood intertwine. The Muim Queens have long guided this dance from their throne within the Temple, governing the realm with the love of a mother and the wisdom of the Mourning Dove. Each queen has woven her own thread into the tapestry of Brychow's history, none more vibrant than Queen Elira Muim, the "Dove of Harmony," whose reign was marked by a profound spiritual awakening that transformed the city of Phobli into a haven of peace.   Yet, the melody of Brychow doesn't resonate from Phobli alone. The city of Descous, too, hums with a tune of enlightenment. Known as the "Seat of Wisdom," Descous is home to renowned academies that have fostered scholars and theologians of the highest caliber, among them the famed philosopher, Faelis Agona.   In the lush plains of Vale Viore, the city of Surace sings a song of abundance and life. Known for its verdant gardens and lush vineyards, Surace's celebrated sommelier Elino Arryn has spun the city's plentiful harvest into wines of exquisite flavor and aroma.   Nestled amid the enchanting forests of Verindon is the serene town of Cracqu, famous for its azure fireflies that illuminate the night in a mesmerizing dance of light. The bustling town of Combolphally, known for its thriving marketplaces, offers a unique blend of regional wares and exotic curiosities. But perhaps the most charming is the quaint village of Goniz, with its mysteriously synchronized flocks of birds that, every evening, take to the sky in a breathtaking aerial ballet.   In this way, under the motherly gaze of the Mourning Dove and the guiding hand of Queen Isara Muim, the current queen, Brychow resonates with a harmonious tune — a testament to its wisdom, its compassion, and its empathetic unity. In the Queendom of Brychow, this isn't merely a melody but the hymn of life that encapsulates the realm's enduring spirit.

Royal Arms of the Oˈceupi



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