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POPULATION: 3 MILLION   TERRITORIES: Jobaykal, Masatoyahi, Reloi    LANGUAGES: MASOYAN - 1.95M / Jobay - 600K / Sawa - 180K / Lilunga - 100K / Takkatiwac - 100K / Nabongbong - 50K / KERIMUTA - 20K  
  When the rest of the world thinks of Albagar, it is as a tropical paradise. While there is no doubt the environment is gorgeous, this view often reduces residents to a caricature, when they in fact boast a proud and ancient culture, with nuances often unaccounted for.   The islands are home to many separate cultures, although the dominant group and the one world powers are most used to dealing with is the Luziama of Masatoyahi, controllers of the spice trade and other large-scale industries. The islands export heavily to Tyril via neighbouring Beribon (North), and up to Rela using a number of shipping companies. The Castlemoon crime syndicate has a significant stake in this enterprise, with laxness in local laws and policing permitting them nearly free reign. Consequently there is a fair Galorican presence in the islands.   Where Masatoyahi acts as metropolitan retailer, principally through its capital city, Gulandagno, Jobaykal's lush fields provide it wholesale crops, key among them coffee, tea, and sugar. People of Jobaykal hold to traditional ways more than their urban counterparts across the Sea of Jobroa do, and are much more in tune with seasonal changes, some migrating along the coastline at different times of the year. A few Jobay have managed to cash in on the relationship with the Luziama, some even owning their own plantations, but most are labourers. Exploitation is certainly a part of the latter’s experience, but many prefer the simpler life, as it better echoes the old ways.   The quaintest and by far most romanticized locale in Albagar is the island of Reloi whose small size and dense rainforest, not to mention its frequently active volcano, Mount Alassuwalli, have discouraged economic development. The aboriginal Akkaahana people have therefore clung to the old ways more strongly than anyone, and for this reason are regarded as primitive, even by fellow islanders. The sexual openness that permeates their culture has provoked much salacious literature, especially in Rela, with the unfortunate effect of attracting tourists seeking out certain comforts. Its foreign contact is chiefly limited to the Continental nations of Albra, Miesz, and Jolim, due to proximity.
  ECONOMIC MAP | Legend: Gold (Primary Economy), Orange (Secondary), Red (Tertiary), Black (Developing), Green (Accepts several currencies), Dark Gold (Exclusive use of one foreign currency).

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