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POPULATION: 800K   RELIGION: Neʻā Woi̯ | (Bong'aa): Green Mountain Chapter   ETHNIC GROUPS: Jobay, Banong   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Jobay - 600K / MASOYAN - 150K / Nabongbong - 50K   CURRENCY: Jourbee (0.7, S)   CAPITAL: Pasolur   CITIES: Billbool, Salatoyingo   TOWNS: Conclang, Metang, Awayank, Hoon, Mancrang, Compamba, Dilung, (Nabongbong: Balaympi, Puland)   VILLAGES: Son, Cupiliza, Conto, Yonakayway, Aki Magi, Inci Dayin, Itimica, Dicayap, (Nabongbong: Labo, Roo Too, Recopingo)
  Jobaykal is a unique island within the tropical continent of Albagar that showcases a fusion of traditional and modern values, unsurprising given its position between the past-rooted Akkaahana people of Reloi to the west and the progressively-minded Luziama to the east. It is primarily inhabited by the Jobay, an ethnic group that speaks a language of the same name.     Despite the strong economic influence of the Masoyan-speaking Luziama of nearby Masatoyahi, the island for the most part remains deeply rooted in its time-honoured customs. The Jobay people have a strong cultural identity, prioritizing family, their beliefs in the Neʻā Woi̯ faith, and a migratory way of life that aligns with the natural cycles of the seasons. The old values and practices are particularly pronounced outside of the bustling commercial city of Pasolur, which serves as the hub of the Luziama's urban influence, and despite the temptation to pursue wealth and commercial success, many Jobay choose to cleave to their cultural heritage. Be this as it may, they remain somewhat beholden to the Luziama and work as farmers on the many coffee, sugar, and tea plantations owned by the latter. Yet others heeding the call of coin seek to emulate their financial betters by acquiring plantations of their own and marked affectations of the monied class.   In the northern district of Bong'aa, the ethnic minority known as the Banong, who speak Nabongbong, have brought a competing religion to the island - the Green Mountain Chapter of the Ascended faith. This religion has become popular among the Banong due to their trade connections with the neighboring nation of Albra, part of the larger continent of Rela, the center of this faith. The Banong's adoption of it has been further facilitated by the growing number of Albran Oŋshan settlers who have made Bong'aa their home. Despite the slow spread of this foreign religion among the Jobay people, they have steadfastly maintained their traditional cultural structures and continue to preserve their customs and ways of life.
Sign of the House of Au̯nāu̯ke


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