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  RELIGION: Neʻā Woi̯ - Akkaahana   ETHNIC GROUPS: Akkaahana   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: MASOYAN - 100K / Takkatiwac - 100K   CURRENCY: Various (0, D)   CAPITAL: Bulang   CITIES: Kilovehipso   TOWNS: Dooro, Rahapobanca, Apobang, Gona, Messanta, Soloya   VILLAGES: Bibas, Voree, Parebeto, Motunga, Opoday, Yaral
  Reloi is the smallest island located on the Albagaran continental shelf and home to the Akkaahana tribe. It is the first area inhabited by Albagaran peoples before the thrust of their southward migration from the mainland carried them east towards Jobaykal and eventually, Masatoyahi. As a result, the Akkaahana rightly lay claim to being the most ancient civilization in the region.   Compared with its migratory counterparts, such as the Jobay and Luziama, Akkaahana society has remained very much crystallized in the past. The ever-active volcano to the island's northwest, Mount Alassuwalli, has doubtlessly had much to do with this situation as understandably few outside of Reloi's native population care to live in such close proximity to the dangers it poses. The sole reason explaining why the Akkaahana choose to is their belief that the lava-spewing mountain is a god: The capital, Bulang, is strategically built just far enough away from the peak to give inhabitants lead time in case of an eruption, but near enough for the Ai̯kae̯, priests of the Neʻā Woi̯ faith, to carry out the many prayers and rituals required to satisfy its seismic temper. This settlement and most others in the island's northern half are strongly associated with the cult of Alassuwalli, and life in these places is structured around its worship.   Down south, things are a little different. Kilovehipso, the second-largest settled area, has a reasonable influx of visitors from outside the island. Curiously, other Albagarans are rarely among them; instead, numbers of tourists and traders from the mainland regions of Albra, such as the Oŋshan people, and a few from Jolim and Miesz dock at Messanta or Dooro and travel by foot or mule there. The area is famous for its hot springs and unrivalled tropical scenery, where the majestic sight of the volcano can be enjoyed without the periodic terror when it it starts to smoulder. Kilovehipso is a commercial destination by and large, run by Luziama opportunists, but more surreptitiously serves as a jumping-off point for those who come to partake in the island's more sensual delights, the sexual permissiveness of the Akkaahana culture being well-known, if much exaggerated. Related urges are not always fulfilled as one must still navigate the tribe's nuanced customs. Those who opt to stay long enough to learn how are frequently of an artistic persuasion, and return to wherever they came from with lurid tales and other aesthetic expressions of their time there.
Sign of the House of Wau̯wāu̯nao̯


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