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POPULATION: 3 MILLION   RELIGION: Huw Jdeb   ETHNIC GROUPS: Ngwëd, Őhā̋mȉ   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Jaadi - 2.5M / Cunacayahup - 400K / VAIRUVAND - 100K   CURRENCY: Askawar (0.9, S)   CAPITAL: Abbakin (Akuul Hal)
  Najamur, a dynamic land poised on the cusp of past and future, sits in a challenging geographical and cultural crossroad. To the west lies its prosperous neighbor, Sassam, a bustling hub of trade and economic growth, whose influence relentlessly pulls Najamur towards a future of independence and wealth. Yet, to the east lies the traditional kingdom of Ek Jad, its ancient values rooted deeply within the identity of the Ngwëd, the dominant ethnic group in Najamur who, speaking Jaadi. form part of a continuum of Ek Jad's old empire. These polar opposite influences have crafted a unique blend of old world charm and progressive modernity within the nation.   Najamur's character isn't solely defined by its position between Sassam and Ek Jad. There is a wild card in the mix: the Őhamȉ, an ethnic minority tracing their lineage to the distinct Qildabic culture. Their influence has added a vibrant layer of diversity to the local ethos, sparking a cultural evolution that further sets Najamur apart in the landscape of Pendahar.   The three subregions of Najamur – Ojoon, Akuul Hal, and Qahawe – each contribute to this rich tapestry with their unique historical and cultural threads. From the mysterious Zheha Obelisk in Ojoon, to the grandeur of Abbakin, the capital situated in Akuul Hal, and the aromatic Qahawe's coffee farms, each region infuses its own distinctive essence into the core identity of Najamur.   This intricate fusion of influences and traditions has shaped Najamur into a nation that is both forward-looking, yet deeply respectful of its heritage. Even as it ventures towards new horizons of progress and prosperity, it remains a land where history and tradition are celebrated, not left behind.
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