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POPULATION: 3 MILLION   RELIGION: Huw Jdeb   ETHNIC GROUPS: Duyyeda, Bōtlûhlī   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Jaadi - 2M / Shichulcan - 500K / Uchechensabwa - 300K / VAIRUVAND - 150K / T'Jal - 50K   CURRENCY: Bihat (1,P)   CAPITAL: Yorized (Axocal)
  A rich tapestry of vibrant cultures and a bustling hub of trade, Sassam is Pendahar's westernmost country, resting comfortably across the Geldak Sea from the continent of Tyril. Its strategic location and busy ports have established Sassam as an economic powerhouse, attracting travelers from across the Eastern coast of Tyril and beyond.   The nation's population presents a cultural mosaic, primarily composed of the Duyyeda majority, along with a small number of Bōtlûhlī. The Duyyeda, speaking Jaadi, are descendants of the once grand kingdom of Ek Jad, carrying its heritage into the present. The Bōtlûhlī minority, ancestrally hailing from distant Qildab, add their unique threads to the cultural fabric of Sassam with their Uchechensabwa language and customs from the era of the Rainbow Chiefs: UT 1115 - 802   The country is further divided into four distinct regions: Axocal, Ekweli, Holou, and Isai. Axocal, a cluster of coastal towns, is home to renowned shipwrights whose seafaring creations draw admirers from far and wide. Ekweli, dominated by the breathtaking Olo'q Desert Sea, is an arid expanse that turns into a shimmering mirage under the midday sun, a sight not to be missed by any visitor. Holou is known for its bustling marketplaces, where spices, textiles, and intricate handicrafts change hands in a never-ending dance of commerce. Lastly, Isai is a sanctuary of quiet amidst the bustle, offering solace in its ancient monasteries and tranquil orchards.   Although the Duyyeda are rapidly amassing wealth through their lucrative spice trade with the Uvan Empire, this economic success veils the extent of Uvan influence over Sassam's affairs. The nation's bustling ports have also sparked concerns of infiltration by The Hex, making it a region of interest for powers keen on curbing the dark organization's influence.   In the midst of its growing prosperity and complex challenges, Sassam stands at a crossroads, poised between asserting its unique identity and navigating the currents of its strategic alliances. Only time will reveal the path Sassam chooses in its journey through history.
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