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POPULATION: 2.5 MILLION   RELIGION: Congregation of the Ascended   ETHNIC GROUPS: Leː̏ma, Ɪ̀hyò   LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Sivor - 1.6M / Tarels - 400K / Ouram - 250K  / Masajol - 150K / DRAKSI - 80K / Borokaish - 20K   CURRENCY: Pascen (0.8, S)   CAPITAL: Tronfurro (Hioph)
  Mersi is a charming country replete with serene meadows and rolling, flower-kissed hills; lazy lakes with excellent places to fish; and quaint, tucked-away villages often hiding “best kept secret”-type shops.   Outside of natural beauty it is by all other metrics an excellent place to live. Even the monarchy is incredibly engaged with the common people and holds frequent festivals in their honour – an astonishing reversal from noble practices elsewhere.   It is furthermore famous as a place of great peace. Part of this comes from its geographic situation between all-friendly nations, and the yawning rift of time since last it saw any wars (historically, not since The Plague Years (1212-1112), when The Circle of Tyril moved far enough northwards to invade). Other Relan nations have counselled King Sa̋b and Queen Mzȕke of House Dhuː̋k to invest more in their army, as a contingency, but so far the royals are reluctant. Taxes here are steep enough they could afford to, but much of this revenue is reinvested back into the land, to benefit the citizenry.   If Mersi has a dark side, it is its subtle racism. Two main cultures, the Leː̏ma and the Ɪ̀hyò - both Sivor-speaking – are native to the area. And yet traditionally, the Ɪ̀hyò occupy a lower place in the social order. Laws prescribe certain things the Ɪ̀hyò cannot do, and cap their economic opportunities. As with the Bonneru of Draksineon, such rules hearken back to a time when the two groups were at odds militarily. In becoming the victors the Leː̏ma simply acquired the means to codify their feelings. People tend not to be rude regarding the distinction, but point to these old dictates as evidence that some things are just “meant to be” – a sentiment a surprising number of Ɪ̀hyò agree with.

Royal Crest of the House of Dhuː̋k


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