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POPULATION: 500K   CITIES: Aduade, Cappoil   TOWNS: Demuskil, Alitaxlence, Ableic, Leceslim   VILLAGES: Lessol, Worrec, Sitcalsum  
  Somac, the maritime heart of Mersi, boasts picturesque cities and tranquil towns that line the Dece Gulf. The ruling House of Myaɪ̏, based in the bustling city of Aduade, enjoys a reputation tinged with mystery. From the shores of Demuskil to the rolling hills of Ableic, murmurs of concealed affiliations and hidden transgressions weave a delicate tapestry of intrigue around this enigmatic family. Aduade is an architectural marvel, where cutting-edge modern structures dance in harmony with ancient buildings, embodying the region's growth while honoring its past. Cappoil, meanwhile, is a serene city known for its exquisite cuisine, derived from the bounty of the Dece Gulf.   Demuskil, with its strategic location on the Gulf, is the nerve center of Somac's maritime commerce. However, beneath the surface of this thriving port town, rumors hint at a network of shadowy dealings. Whispers carried on the salty sea breeze hint at dark ships sliding into port under the cover of night, their holds bearing undisclosed cargo. The exact nature of these suspected dealings remains an enigma, buried deep beneath layers of denial and secrecy.   The towns of Alitaxlence and Leceslim add to Somac's charm. Alitaxlence is known for its verdant vineyards that produce some of the finest wines in the continent. In contrast, Leceslim, nestled in the foothills, is a haven for artisans who create stunning pottery and ceramics, drawing collectors and enthusiasts from far and wide.   Somac's most famous son, Henrit Myaɪ̏, is an award-winning author known for his gripping maritime novels. His captivating narratives, full of adventure, mystery, and suspense, reflect the region's maritime character while subtly echoing its whispers of intrigue. In his powerful prose, Somac's beauty and mystique come alive, revealing the complexity and charm that make this region so unique.

Crest of the House of Myaɪ̏



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